Can you bring food in while you are waiting for Fantasmic?


Apr 16, 2004
From everything I've read, sounds like the only way to get a decent seat at Fantasmic is to go EARLY. We are getting ready to take our first trip to Disney at the end of Feb, so I'm trying to plan, plan, plan. I was wondering if you can bring food in while you are waiting? And if you can, does anybody know of a place where you can get sandwiches to go? This seems to me like a good time management plan, my ds9 and dd5 usually do better with waiting if there is a distraction.
Sure you can bring in food, and they sell hot dogs, chips, and drinks at the concession stand inside the Fantasmic arena. I remember a pizza place across the street from the Fantasmic entrance, but I don't know what else is close. The ABC commissary has sandwiches that you could take over, I guess.
There's Rosie's across the street - hamburgers, chicken fingers, etc
and Toluca Turkey Legs - yummy
then the hollywood scoops - ice cream
then there's a fries place (don't remember the name)
there's also a popcorn cart right before the entrance to Fantasmic and then there's a concession stand inside fantasmic.

I've seen people carrying trays of food before. I've taken turkey legs myself.
The concessions in the back also have peanut butter and jelly sandwich dinners in lunch boxes. In 2002 we bought those for our boys, think they were $5. They had the pbj, a drink, fruit and chips I think.

When do they actually let you inside the arena, say if the show is scheduled to start at 7PM? Do people eat as they are standing in line, or do you have lots of waiting once inside the arena? (You can tell I am a newbie). :earseek:
The PBJ sandwiches are the Lunchable brand you can get in most grocery stores and elsewhere around WDW. I also suggest that you bring some type of activity as well so that the time go by more quickly.
We always stop at Sweet Spells to get candy/caramel apples and sweet treats to eat while we are waiting.

They start letting you in 120 minutes before showtime. There was no line to get in. Everyone was sitting and eating. They play lots of kid friendly, upbeat songs and someone always starts the wave. Played lots of pattycake and hand slapping type games with my kids when we were there Friday sitting in the pouring rain, lightning and thunder waiting for the show which was delayed 10 was a great show and worth waiting for. BTW, be prepared, they have vendors out the whole time hawking light up toys. Had to battle my kids they whole time (we have like 4 different light up toys at home from previous events, was kicking myself I didn't pack them). Enjoy!
for all the input so far. I know what you mean, rileyroosmom, these toys seem to pop up at every kid event that we have gone to lately. This really clears things up for me about Fantasmic. I didn't know that you could go into the arena, I thought you waited outside for hours. This seems much more managable. :D
Stop over at the Dollar Store before your trip and grab some glow sticks. They're only a buck so you can stock up on a bunch of them. Then when the kids start wanting the light-up toys, give them the glow sticks.

The last time we went to MGM, Fantasmic was having tech. difficulties, so they didn't let us in the arena until well after 7pm for an 8pm show. The street was packed, but there were a ton of people just sitting on the curb with their trays.


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