Can someone explain Weight Watchers?


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Oct 29, 2003
I'm a lifetime Jenny Craig member from many many years ago and I know JC is a premade food plan whereas WW you learn a point system and eat food you prepare. It always seemed weird to me as points are not real and calories are - seemed like more metal work and math - but I'm sure I'm missing something. Premade meals worked for me in single life but as a mom the last thing I want to do is make a meal for my family then heat up my little tray! I've tried going back and I realize I just get angry!

We all need to eat healthy in our family so what are the meetings like? What do you discuss? Do i have to go to meetings do you find them beneficial? What am I paying for?

Thanks - any advice on your experience appreciated!


Mar 31, 2015
Weight Watchers is about teaching you to eat the right kinds of foods and in the proper amounts. The points are based on the nutritional values in foods. There is no math involved now because everything is done via app. The goal is that after using the program for awhile and losing the weight you will be in the habit of eating healthy and will no longer need to track what you are eating.

I like it because you are eating the food you enjoy and it is easy to make family friendly meals. The meetings are optional. I've heard people say that they can be helpful but I have only used the online tools.

You are paying for the tools on the app. There is a bit too much to explain here but they explain everything on the website.

I've have tried a few different weight loss programs and WW worked the best for me as a busy mom. I lost 15lbs.


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