Can someone explain renting DVC points?


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May 5, 2000
I can't seem to understand how this works! :rolleyes: Even the FAQ seems a little Greek to me! What's a good "deal" on points? How many points would one need to stay, say, five nights during the week in early May? Am I completely missing the point? Please don't direct me to the DVC board just yet - I'd rather understand the lingo from budget savvy people I know first!! :D :)
I don't claim to be an expert on this; I just finished renting my 1st points a few weeks ago.

1st step is to know the dates when you want to go, and know how many points you are going to need. Go to and go down to the Point Calculator link and input your dates.

For me going 1/27 - 1/31, it was 44 points at OKW in a Studio. 20 points for Saturday, and 8 points for each of the other 3 nites.

Then go over to the DVC board, and find someone wanting to rent the number you need (or more) and contact them to have them call Member Services and see if your Dates/Times are available.

Points range in price from Free (very unlikely, only happens in the middle of a month when the points expire in a couple weeks and someone is nice enough to offer them to anyone. I've seen it happen a couple times) to $6-8 (if the points expire that month) to the standard $10-12 (if the points expire many months away)...

Be careful, as the rooms do fill up, so the farther in advance you book, the better chance you get to get your room type and the dates you want.

Hope that helps! :)
Besides the cost of the points, is there another fee?
I find this confusing too, but would like to check into it for my next trip.


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No additional fee,and no taxes. The cost/pt. is clearly negotiable with each DVC owner.It doesn't hurt to offer less than asked and try to negotiate.


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First decide what type of accomodations you're interested in. There are studios, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and grand villas (3 bedrooms). Obviously the larger the accomodations the more points needed per night. Walt Disney World DVC Resorts include Boardwalk Villas, Old Key West and Wilderness Lodge Villas.

Depending on the time of year, the points per night can fluctuate. Regardless of the season, weekend nights (Friday and Saturday nights) always require more (sometimes twice as many) points than weekday nights (Sunday thru Thursday).

Boardwalk reservations require more points than OKW, maybe because it's closer to MGM and Epcot(?).

Once you've played with the nights (it can save points by only staying over 1 weekend night instead of 2) and have a total (DVC calculator), check with the regular rates to see how much it would cost if you were paying cash. Then head on over the the DVC Rent/Trade board look into renting the points.

DVC members receive their allotment of points every year and can only bank one year at a time. There are also some restricitions in place where if you cancel a trip with short notice you only have 'x' amount of time to use those points. Still other DVC members rent a number of points each year to cover the cost of annual dues.

Note: When staying on points you won't receive housekeeping services every day. Since it's similar to a timeshare the way it works is on the 4th day of your trip you'll receive a 'Trash and Tidy Day'. The housekeeper will replace your towels, empty your trash, put any unwashed dishes in the dishwasher etc. etc. A few days later you'll receive a complete cleaning. When renting the points from the DVC member they'll be able to explain this better since the services (and when you receive them) depend on the length of your stay.

Hope this helps :)


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Thanks very much for the responses. I think I get it now! :D :)
For example,we have a 5 night reservation at BWV in November which will cost us 81 points (preferred studio.We could have gotten a standard view for 69 points).If you purchased the reservation from me for $10/pt,it would cost you $810 for 5 nights,or about $160/night. Note: there would be NO taxes on this amount. You would essentially be getting a hotel room which sleeps 4 as well as a mini-kitchen(refrigerator,microwave,coffee pot,etc).The 1 bedroom units offer a full size kitchen(with dishwasher) and a jacuzzi.


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