Camembert Fritters at Triton's ??

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Nov 10, 2001
Has anyone has these? And exactally WHAT are these? Is is some kind of sea food? I'm so anxious to try new things, this sounds perfect!
I tried the Camembert Fritters at Triton's on Sunday, Jan 20th at approx. 9 pm (yes, I remember it well).

They are three small chicken-nugget sized, lightly coated, deep fried soft-cheese balls served with a red sweet dipping sauce (sorta like hot and sour sauce). The cheese is very mild tasting (sorta like the cheese you get in cream cheese wontons at oriental restaurants). They were tasty. I ate them all. But they weren't gourmet or haute cuisine. Not a whole lot different from fast food items.
I tried them too. Camembert cheese is kind of like Brie and these are basically just breaded, fried chunks of camembert cheese. They were pretty good, but Camembert has a very distinct taste - my kids didn't like them because they were expecting something like fried mozzerella sticks.
Our waiter "made" me try them! :)
I know the feeling of the servers who "make" you try something!!
That's actually how I discovered that I like escargot (also on the menu at Tritons/Lumieres). They promised to take it away if I hated it, but I discovered that it basically tastes like mushrooms in garlic butter...mmmmm!
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I guess that if I had heard of Camembert Cheese, it would have made more sence. Thanks All!!


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