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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by mjlebo, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Jul 29, 2000
    I have spent hours reading and rereading your post on the Dolphin. Thanks for all the info, but now I am a little confused. My husband and I are going to Disney for our 5th year anniversary. We have a standard room booked at the dolphin at a wonderful rate. Most of the post have been so positive and some well. I guess I am feeling a little afraid. I just don't want to be disappointed at the dolphin. I want the whole Disney experience! For our honeymoon we stayed at the BC a once and a lifetime experience for us. Are next stay was at dl so disappointing and the funny thing was we heard so many wonderful things about it. Please tell me, am I expecting too much or do you get what you pay for? I love Disney and know youÂ’re not in your room much, but it can sure have an impact on your trip. Thanks for listening to me rattle on and on. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Sep 29, 1999
    Hi, you do not say when you are going for your anniversary.

    My feelings about the Dolphin are this. I have heard enough and know how important it is for me to feel the "magic" that I am not planning to stay there. I am sure it is very nice but I enjoy all those little details at the WDW resorts and it is clear those are missing at the Swan and Dolphin.

    Have you considered staying at the Wilderness Lodge? Our first trip was a wonderful stay at the BC also. It is a hard act to follow but we next stayed at WL and we have gone back 3 times. It is still a deluxe but smaller rooms. The public areas of the resort are so detailed and varried that it makes up for it. There are so many wonderful things to explore and cozy spots to relax. It is very romantic as well and Artist Point is a terrific place for a special dinner. I would encourage you to consider this wonderful resort. I think even the Animal Kingdom Lodge would also be a great place.

    By the way, why did you not like DL?

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