C25K vs. Jeff Galloway

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    Dec 2, 2003
    Hi all!

    DH and I just started training for our first 5K a couple of weeks ago. We downloaded one of the C25K apps for the iPhone and so far it's worked out great. However, in reading these boards it seems like most DISers are fans of the Jeff Galloway program. Can someone give me the short version of what the differences are between that and the C25K?

    I also wanted to ask you experienced runners about breathing while you're running. I read that your breathing technique is super important but I'm having a hard time getting into a rhythm. I'd love to hear any comments/tips on how to breathe when you run.

    Thanks so much!
  2. yulilin3

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    Nov 1, 2007
    I'll give you my personal experience and background:
    First I'm 38, about 40lbs overweight. I started the C25K program in January with a free app for my phone, I was doing fine until week 3 or 4 I forget. The one where you have to run 5min then walk then run 3min. I did it but I felt terrible afterward and my time was very slow, around 18mm.
    So I started doing Jeff Galloways run/walk/run. 1min/1min I did 3miles with average pace of 15.50 mm. I do get tired but not so much that I can't walk the next day.
    Since then I've been keeping my same ratio, sometimes bumping it to 1.30/1.30 and have dome 5 miles at 15mm. I completed the Tangle 5K this past February.
    January was the first time I did any type of jogging as I am used to just walking, the first time I went out I jogged for about 30min. and went super fast 12mm I couldn't keep my breath in check so friends of mine told me to slow down and that took care of the breathing.
    I am actually just getting ready to go out and try and do 5miles again with the 1/1 ratio
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    Sep 16, 2009
    On Galloway - he gives you a great way to work up your intervals (or not :rotfl2:)

    I'm an "or not" I am 51 and the veteran of numerous knee operations.
    while my weight is good for my height (5' 5"" and 125), I never thought my knees could take running.

    Combining Galloway's run/walk with Chi style, I spent all of last running season doing 30 sec walk/30 sec runs because that is what works best for my body. I made HUGE strides (pun intended) in my running and set PRs in every distance from 5k to Half marathon .... and the time drops were significant.

    On Breathing - my coach, Jenny Hadfield says you breathe anyway you can including thru your ears if you can figure out how :laughing:

    Seriously, it will come when you get a rhythm to your pace and quite honestly some days you're the windshield and some days you're the bug. I have days when it all comes together and its awesome. Other days, it is lousy and I wonder what the heck I'm doing.

    Keep a training journal and really pay attention to how you feel at different intervals, times of day, terrains, what works and what doesn't. There is no real one size fits all "best" - try different things and you will find what is best for YOU!
  4. DrMomof3

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    I think the C25K is great if your ultimate goal is a 5k. If you're goal is to go longer distances, you may be better off with a Galloway plan. C25K prepares you to be able to run every step of a 5k. Galloway will have you taking walks breaks, probably even during a 5k. I find that the walk breaks have allowed me to finish several half marathons and one full marathon. I think I would have become frustrated and injured if I had tried to run every step of those races (or every step of my training).
    I truly believe that my early training would have been less frustrating if I had just started with a Jeff Galloway plan instead of the C25k. With run/walk you can increase your distance without changing your run/walk ratio. I think it prepares you to go further sooner than the C25k.
    Ultimately you should consider what your goal is. If you want to run every step of your 5k, the C25K will definitely get you there. If this upcoming 5K is a gateway to longer races (like the Disney half marathon), you might consider switching to a Galloway plan. I happen to really like his Training book and use it in conjunction with the training plans he posts on the runDisney website.
    Good luck and have fun!


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