BWV studio 7 month availability


Mike M
Feb 2, 2018
Hey all,
For those who are current DVC members is it possibly to get a BWV studio boardwalk view specifically at 7 months even for 3 nights?
Will not be traveling at popular times such as Food and Wine and am flexible to travel during the week versus the weekend.
Will most likely be traveling in the spring, maybe may or somewhere around there! I know there aren’t many of these studios but didn’t know how tough this is to get for even a few nights! Thanks!


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Aug 19, 1999
In the past, it has been very difficult to impossible to get a boardwalk view studio during the high demand season from late Sep to marathon weekend in Jan except for a stray day here and there. During the rest of the year still has been difficult but you could sometimes find three or possibly more nights available during the lowest DVC demand times of the year -- Feb 1 to the Thurs before Presidents' Day, July 7 to 31, the Monday after the Princess race weekend in Feb to about March 8, and last week of April.

Note that during these covid times, the regular patterns have often varied and rooms usually not available at 7-months out have often been opening up at less than 7-months out due to cancellations. Also, even when there will come a time when things return to normal, patterns may change including as a result of the recent point chart changes which raised the points needed for much of the Fall and lowered them for times during the latter part of April to mid-Aug.


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Sep 26, 2009
BWV standard and b/w view studios can be a tough get year round. More and more, people are buying small contracts at BWV just to be able to book studios there. What used to be difficult booking during Fall Frenzy has bled into other seasons. You’ll still find 3-4 consecutive nights open during much of July & August for those locations.

April and May are beginning to gain popularity now that the new points charts are in effect and those months have gone down in price. If your dates are flexible and you can put some effort into stalking, I think you can still piece together 3 or 4 nights. But I think you may have to accept that p/g views will be what’s open at 7 months most of the time.


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Mar 16, 2008
Garden view are generally pretty easy, but standard and boardwalk can take more effort and are more likely if you can shift you reservation by a day or 2


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Jan 5, 2020
I have done quite a lot of looking @BWV since reopening (which has way more availability than regular times), and even now boardwalk view studios are super rare. I’ve seen more standard views than boardwalk. That seems to be a reason to buy there, honestly. There have, however, been plenty of pool/garden view studios (again, more than what is normal). Being flexible with dates, and then stalking the site for cancellations (plus having waitlists going) will be key.

ETA: the BWV studio I had booked for May 2020 (which I mentioned in your other post, and was obviously cancelled), was for 4 nights in a P/G view studio & it took time/stalking to get so many nights in a row. I kinda felt like I had won the booking lottery! ✨
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