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Mar 19, 2001
Are there any inside info I need to know about the BW. We will be there in July 20th thru the 29th. Are the refillable mugs worth it and can we refill it anytime of the day and where? Any special events for the children? How about food?
IMO, the refillable mugs are not worth it at the BW. You can only refill them at the Boardwalk Bakery and you must pay for refills.

As for events/activities, Community Hall (on the Boardwalk Villas side but open to all) offers lots of different choices. You should get a schedule when you check in, but I"m sure if you call and ask they can fax you a copy in advance.

Hope this helps.

There are a lot of food choices when staying at the BW. The Bakery is great and as far as restaurants go, ESPN is a lot of fun with lots of action. We also ate at the Brewery and Spoodles, both good choices.
Late last fall the mug program was changed. Yest they are refillable for free @ the bakery and LHL @ the pool. If you buy one drink per day I believe they're worth it.

We just spent a week at BWI. We were pleasantly surprised at the food choices at the pool bar (Leaping Horse). We had chix ceasar salad, hot dogs, pb&j, tuna salad, pretzels, beer for the adults and juice boxes for the kids.

We had great desserts and breakfasts from the Bakery. Also very good pizza from Spoodles take out, steamed sausage and hot dogs from the cart and a good meal at ESPN.

Don't forget you can walk into the back of Epcot and eat in the countries (we had good food in Morrocco and Mexico).

The lifeguards at the pool were very kid-friendly, they learned my kids names the first day and greeted them by name the rest of the week. One day they gave out splash balls, another they organized water balloon games.

The character caravan was in the lobby three days a week and that was fun for the kids.

Don't miss the Boardwalk entertainers, they all were great. Our favorites were the sword swallower/fire eater Carlo and the traveling medicine show "Ejapana". They do alot to involve the crowds.

Can you tell we loved BWI?!:D


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