Brunch not on WDW before going to airport


DIS Veteran
Jul 14, 2004
We have to be at the airport around noon on Saturday November 16th. We have a party of 8 and would like to have brunch before leaving for the airport. We will take 417 from the Celebration area. Any suggestions?


Universal Fan-atic
Apr 10, 2012
If you want to avoid the hotels, you could try KeKe's at Hunter's Creek. I also like Perkins...there is one on the 192 not far from Celebration.


DIS Veteran
Sep 10, 2015
Along 192 near Celebration there are a couple of the usual chains, Cracker Barrel, Perkins, and IHOP. I have eaten breakfast at that Cracker Barrel on 192 just a little distance east of Celebration Ave. It was a typical Cracker Barrel. You would have to go quite bit further out to get away from the tourist centric chains. Or look around at the hotel offerings.


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