BLT: The Good, the Bad, the It Could Have Been Worse! DAY ONE

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    We have been planning this trip for almost a full year. Our party was DH and I (DVC members), our DD, SIL, and 2 grandkids ages 8 and 6. The 8 yr old was celebrating her birthday. They had been to Disney many times, but had never stayed on the property. We were determined to 'wow' them! Because of the kids, we opted for the dining plan (WAY too much food for us, but it saved them a bunch of $).

    DH and I arrived at BLT at 1:30 on Sunday, not expecting the room to be ready. And it wasn't. We were hoping to get in before the others arrived, so I could decorate the villa and put out the gift bags I'd made for each child. We were told we did get our room request – an even numbered room – and we would be texted with the room number when it was ready. They also had a birthday button waiting for the birthday girl. We headed out to the pool area to enjoy a beverage and wait. And wait. And wait. At 3:00 our daughter called to tell us they were on the way, and I headed back to the front desk. Nope, not ready. They arrived and we showed them around the resort and let the kids play in the arcade. At 4:00 I went back to the front desk, and they called housekeeping. Still not ready. At 4:20 I was not happy, and back to the front desk – this time, housekeeping was in the villa, and it would be another 15-20 minutes. We decided to head over to BLT, park the cars, and get unloaded and ready to get our luggage in the room, since we had a 5:30 ADR at Chef Mickeys. As soon as we left, I got the text - “see front desk for room number”. Grrr. Back again to the front desk. We arranged for our DD and SIL to keep the kids occupied for 10 minutes while we decorated, and headed up to the room. We were on the 5th level, same as the walkway. PERFECT! No elevators to deal with. We were the very last room at the end of the south hall. We raced up to the room with all we could carry and … room keys would not open the door. I'm almost at my boiling point now. Go down to BLT Concierge Desk, 2 CM's working but only 1 computer and it's S-L-O-W. Got all keys reissued (with no apology at all) and back up to the villa. By this time the rest of the gang is waiting, so on to Plan B for decorating the room. The villa itself was gorgeous! The view turned out to be perfect – a view of the Contemporary and the monorail line (6 yr old loved that), plus the marina and all the boats, and the campfire on the beach each evening. We had to hustle to get everything hauled up to the room, and changed for dinner. Thankfully we were going to Chef Mickey and only had to walk over to the Contemporary. We had a great dinner and a fun kick off to our week. After dinner, DH and I excused ourselves and went back to the room to decorate. When the kids arrived, they were SO excited! They thought Mickey had come into the villa and left gifts just for them! We unpacked and turned in early so we could be at the MK at opening. Things were looking up!! Nothing else could go wrong, right?! Stay tuned....

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