BLT- Is there a lake view room that also has a theme park view?


Earning My Ears
Aug 24, 2021
Curios... does anyone know if there is a 2 bedroom lake view room where you can also see fire works? I've seen somewhere, (I think on this board, but can't find it..), a list of lake view rooms where you can get a glimpse of the fire works at MK. TIA =)


DIS Veteran
Jan 12, 2000
Many of the rooms on the “outside” of the half circle that forms the tower have a partial view at least of the MK. The higher floors would be better.


DIS Veteran
Dec 31, 2008
We had a lake view 1 bedroom several years ago, on the north end, looking out towards the tennis courts, but you could definitely see the castle to the left, the lake to the right, it was a great view! Our son slept in the living room looking at the castle at night, not bad, lol! I rent points, and I've had pretty good luck with calling directly with our reservation # and requesting a certain area. We usually like to be overlooking the marina area.