blackout dates for park hoppers?


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Feb 16, 2001
I emailed our travel agent to get WDW park hopper passes, and wanted to check prices on 4-7 day passes. She emailed back and asked when we were going, because there are blackout dates. Is this accurate? Thanks for any information!
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I have never heard of a hopper pass being limited like that. The only kinds of tickets that have blackout dates would be seasonal resident annual passes. Maybe the TA knows something I don't but I doubt it. I would question them about it for sure.


I believe she was mistaken. If the Parks are open you can get in if you have a pass. Maybe what she meant was there are some special activities like Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party that you need to buy a ticket for in addition to your pass. You also need to purchase a ticket for staying in the MK after it close it has a mname but it escapes me right now but for $10.00 you get to stay an additional 3 hours and ride the more popular rides if you are staying on Disney Property.
I agree - 4-7 day hoppers do not have blackout dates.

Florida Resident Seasonal Passes do.


Adding my agreement to the other posters. Park hoppers don't have any blackout dates.
if you are staying onsite, you can buy your tickets at the hotel when you check in. You can also order them from a link on this site (go to the top of the page and click on Attraction Tickets online)
or you can buy them online directly from Disney. Click here for Disney Company ticket site.

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I would get rid of this agent FAST. If he/she is giving you information this wrong, I would be concerned about other mistakes he/she might make.


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