bittersweet lunch hour

Briar Rose 7457

Proud of my Princesses
Apr 9, 2002
so i work in lower Manhattan again, after a year-long hiatus, and I'm revisiting my old haunts. and on the boat ride yesterday I realize it's been TWO YEARS!!! since I walked through Battery Park.

so today I walked down Water Street, past the NYC Vietnam Vets Memorial and the pier for the Staten Island Ferry, to the Battery. I entered the park at the State Street side, and walked past the WWII Memorial. I found a bench and watched the boats of NY Harbor as I ate my lunch. after I ate I continued through the park, and saw lots of kids gathered for a Police Athletic League activity (looked like fun!) next I walked over to Castle Cliinton, where the tickets to the Statue of Liberty are sold. major difference here -- in the old days, after you bought your tickets, you stood on line by the dock, and street performers would entertain; now you stand inside a huge white tent, where you have to go through security screening before you board the boat to Liberty Island or Ellis Island.

no, wait -- the street performers are still here, just relocated to the other side of Castle Clinton! there's a lady dressed up as the Statue!

I continued along the shoreline, all the way to the end of the park, near the Holocaust Museum. (can you believe I've never been to the museum?)

I had one more place to go before I left the park. had to look up an old friend. my friend is relocated now, and battered and brused, but definitely still with us.

I'm referring, of course, to Koenig's "The Sphere", the sculpture that sat in the fountain of WTC Plaza, and now sits at the Broadway entrance to Battery Park. I thought I was done with my crying. but seeing that sculpture up close, I was transported back to that Plaza and all the lunchtimes I spent there.

Koenig designed it as a symbol of peace. peace has taken a beating lately. but it endures.


<font color=blue>Instant Human - <font color=brown
Jan 20, 2001
Wow. Thank you for sharing that experience with us.


DIS Veteran
May 23, 2001
wish I could have been with you BR when you took that lunch time jaunt. Sounds like a very catharctic experience.


<font color=navy>Not afraid of canned biscuits<br>
Aug 18, 1999

I wish I could have been there.


<font color=green>Resident Mariah Expert<br><font
Sep 6, 2000
Thanks for providing a movie and detailed description of your journey. Felt like I was there.


<font color=green>Smiling at you!!!</font><br><fon
Jan 8, 2000
As someone who has never been to NYC, thanks so much for sharing!


Chris Isaak fan
Jul 13, 2000
That's a tear-jerker just reading! Thanks for sharing. For those of us so far removed, it's good to hear the up-close and personal accounts (JMHO)

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you Briar Rose.


Babcia Extraordinaire/B-Elder YaYa
Sep 5, 2001
The way you described this I felt I was there with you, and my heart is heavy.

{{{HUGS}}} to you


<font color=red>Liberal and proud of it<br><font c
Aug 21, 2001
Thanks for sharing with us BR. I have not been back to NYC since Sept 11. I used to do deals down in the Wall Street area and always enjoyed the area. It is going to be very strange and, yes, bittersweet to visit the area the next time I am back in NYC.


<font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono
Feb 15, 2000
A bittersweet tour of a place I've never seen. Thank you BriarRose


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