Best Sitdown Restraurant for a 3 yo and 18 mo

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by jlb, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. jlb

    jlb Mouseketeer

    Feb 17, 2001

    We are planning a trip to Disney in November and will have a 3 yo and an 18 month old with us. We want to do a sitdown/non-buffet restaurant one night and would be open to any recommendations. One place we are considering is the San Angel Inn, but any input for one's that entertain children this age would be great (ie, cool desserts, fun meals)

  2. jel0511

    jel0511 DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2001
    We've taken our kids to many WDW sitdowns the last trip they were 4 and 14 months. We ate at(sit downs), Narcoossee's, Artist Point, 50's Primetime Cafe, San Angel Inn, Le Cellier, Alfredo's and Kona Cafe. We didn't have any problem with them at any restaurant, yet they are used to eating out. We usually eat out 1-2 times a week. San Angel Inn is a little dark, but if you can get a seat next to the ride, that might keep your kids entertained for a bit. I usually brought snack food, usually Goldfish, for the kids to munch on while we were waiting for the food. It kept them busy and occupied. I also carry a few small toys in my diaper bag for them to play with. Those McDonald's Happy Meal toys work GREAT!!! Artist Point and Koma CAfe have the MOST wonderful deserts for kids. Artist Point has a white chocolate Mickey puzzle, which comes with "paints"(gel icing) and a paint brush. VERY entertaining!!! At Kona CAfe, they have this ice cream cone which is decorated to look like a clown, even down to the cotton candy hair!!!!
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  4. Jeff P.

    Jeff P. Earning My Ears

    Apr 29, 2000
    We have enjoyed taking our children to Ohana during our last couple of trips. They some various things going on for the kids to see, and if you go a little later in the evening, you can also see the fireworks at MK. (In our case this is a bonus because our son is normally afriad of the noise of the fireworks so we do not usually get to see them. From the restaurant, you can see them, but you do not hear much of the noise.)

    There is a variety of appetizers and meats to try, or they will let your order off of a childrens menu if they do not like the other choices.

  5. Dana_Buckley

    Dana_Buckley Mouseketeer

    Feb 20, 2002
    Ohana at the Poly was great too. We took our 2 1/2 yr old. The waiters come by often to bring you food from the skewers (all you can eat steak, shrimp, pork & turkey). They give you a lazy susan full of appetizers right away, which was nice. They have coconut races which is entertaining too. The food here was great!
  6. Doctor P

    Doctor P <font color=navy><font color=navy>Chocolate covere

    Jan 24, 2000
    Garden Grill would be an excellent option. The food, the characters, and the atmosphere are all very much kid friendly. It is served family style, so there is no buffet to mess with and it is still all you can eat.
  7. stacy6552

    stacy6552 Keep to the code!

    Jun 18, 2000
    two thumbs down for the san angel inn.

    it depends on what you want.....the coral reef is great if you ask to wait for a tank side table, the kids will silently watch the fish your whole meal and you and your dh might actually get a conversation in. the sci-fi dinner, with movies playing, is good for the too, but harder to talk to your dh is you are sitting beind him.

    our best characture meal was at the liberty tree tavern. they really know how to take care of the kids who dont like the charactures and thier more excited siblings.

    cape may was a great buffet with yummie desserts.

    The hoop dee doo is fun for all and always a must for us.
  8. merryweather's twin

    merryweather's twin Mouseketeer

    Aug 18, 2000
    We love the steak house in Japan.... We have 4 kids and they all love eating and watching the chef cook their meal. They get special chop sticks and a bowl of fruit as the child salad. The drinks have unbrellas and the food is not spiced (funny) they offer dipping sauce. They also give the kids things to do (coloring books and origomi ducks). They have a pond outside with ducks and fish and a cool showcase in one of the buildings with showgun war attire and baseball stuff! The store underneath has many popular kids cartoon items...( hello Kitty, Dragonball Z, Pokemon, and a bunch more.) The last trip our kids loved it so much that we tried to go back later in the week and could not get in so we went to Benninis in the Hilton in DTD but it was not the same. We like SAI but most of the family tables are away from the water. Coral Reef is a good choice if your kids like fish! The ribeye is good and the Ooctopus ink drink id OOTW! Most people here think it is over priced but 30-45min of quiet kids is priceless.... The place is set up like your under the sea...Have a great trip!:D
  9. anniet

    anniet DIS Veteran

    Jul 10, 2002
    We took my 3 nieces to Garden Grill and they loved it. The adults in the group however (10 of us) hated the food though. To the point that my Aunt asked for the kids meal, and got it.

    I haven't been there...YET (plan on going on our next trip) but I heard Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge is great. The Disney Magazine did a piece on it in their last issue and it looks very entertaining for children.
  10. Erikarate

    Erikarate married her prince

    Jul 23, 2001
    Will you be staying at the yacht club? Because Beaches and Cream is FANTASTIC for kids. It may be a burger and fries joint, but it is very good and has the best ice cream IMO on property.

    Whispering Canyon is definitely fun for kids, but I wonder if your little young ones would get the jokes...they may be a little young. But beaches and cream has pastel colors and giant ice cream cones and 50's music playing...
  11. Belle5

    Belle5 DIS Veteran

    Nov 10, 1999
    I have always found that the wait staff at San Angel really takes care of kids. Mine have always enjoyed it. Does your 18 month old tend to get noisy with babbling and such? At that age I always looked for loud restaurants so that if my kids did get loud it was blended in with all the other noise.
  12. jlb

    jlb Mouseketeer

    Feb 17, 2001
    Thanks for all the input...the 3yo is my daughter and the 18 mo is my sisters. My daughter is use to dining out, we did Alfredo's last year and it worked out fine, but we were wondering if some place have more for kids to do. We are leaning towards San Angel or Oahu(sp?) right now...I hope we get the PS.

    Thanks again
  13. BabyMo

    BabyMo Mouseketeer

    May 30, 2002
    My vote is also for Ohanas. The kids will love the meat on sticks, which they could probably eat with their hands and plus, it is all you can eat. They bring you a ton of food, so even picky eaters can find something they like.

    Also, they have activities for kids like hula hoop contests and stuff.

    Plus, pineapple and caramel for dessert. Yum Yum Yum!!
  14. abbyndrewmom

    abbyndrewmom Mouseketeer

    Jul 6, 2001
    another vote for Ohanas here, we went in June with a party of 12 including 5 kids under 5 (6months, 2, 2.5, 3 &5) everyone had a great time. There was so much to eat and so nice not having to rush up and try to get food for all those kids. My daughter 5 loved the hula hoop contest and sweeping the cocunuts.


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