best rooms for requests at CBR?

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    We are staying CBR for our fall trip I havn't stayed there since 2002 and DH has never stayed there. I remember loving it back then, my first trip, and it helped me get addicted to Disney but we have been elsewhere since. What rooms requests or villages would be good requests for close to transporation, food, and quiet rooms? We dont' care that much about being close to the pool.

    I am a little nervous over the choice, as for the mods DH liked CSR and absoloutely loved POR, with all the updates and changes at CBR since I've been there last I don't feel my memories can do it justice. I'm sure it will be great but since we love POR I'm afraid CBR won't live up to that.

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    You know we really liked our location in Barbados (bldg. 16). It was about a five minute walk to the food court, but we had a bus stop very close by and we were sort of situated between two quiet pools. We loved the quiet pools at CBR, they were really the nicest of any mod we have stayed at (and we have stayed at all of them). That location was also super quiet, we had nine nights there and it was really nice. I had originally booked preferred but changed it and I was so glad I did, it felt too hectic in those areas when we walked by.

    My personal favorites are CSR and POR, however we did love CBR too! The tropical theme, great views of Illuminations, the lovely beaches, pool bar, hammocks on the beach, lush grounds, soft tropical music playing in the main area, great gift shop and the central location were all winners. I know that even though POR and CSR are our "favorites" its really relative because CBR was also such a great experience. I know we'll stay there again and can't wait since we did love it.

    Like POR and CSR, its really a vacation all by itself. But I do have to say, I did love being away from the action at CBR for the peace and quiet and having those two quiet pools so close by.

    A lot of people love Jamaica and Aruba since they are a quick walk over the bridge to the main area.

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