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I have not yet read this on these boards. We have just retuurned from a fabulous trip to DL and DCA. We have been to WDW dozen of times and read the other boards faithfully. I have received so many tips and advice that I am so happy to have one for all of you-
The lines can get bad on the best new attrations at DCA. We have experienced a 7 PM fast pass return at 10 am in the morning. As in WDW, DCA offers a single line on the best rides!
We went to fast pass line at Soaring that had a return posted for 8 hours later and a stand by line of 120 minutes and the 4 of us got single passes. The first time all four of us were usered in a line past the fast pass and waited one show and we were all on together. Later in the day, (with fast pass closed) we tried again and 3 went on in 5 minutes and I went on the next showing. The single line was also working well for Grizzley Mountain that day. Be prepared to split up during the ride and even be on different times but if you just need the attracation experince for another visit and have already experienced it together as a family or group - use the single line and enjoy! The guy behind me on Soaring said he had been on it 45 times. Now that is either addiction or a true fan...and he was by himself so single line was perfect. He said don't tell everyone or else it will not be so easy. I am sharing just like everyone else here at the DIS!
PS - Soaring is a not miss it! ;)
Thank you for sharing your secret ;) Niagra2.

Soarin' is a great attraction! The singles line is not an option for my family, and we had to miss it this weekend for the very reasons you mentioned. DCA really is a fun park! They do need a few more major attractions to smooth things out, though.

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I know I've seen you post previously that you have a son with autism. We do, too. We're going to DL/DCA in June, and one of the things I'm wondering about is the type of restraints used on the rides. Our son isn't exactly a Houdini, but he'll try to climb a stranger like a tree if a stray dog walks by him. If he's frightened, he loses all impulse-control to get out of the situation.

Can I ask you if you felt the restraint system on Soarin' is adequately for a child like mine? Is it a seat-belt type fastener, or is there just one of those U-shaped chest restraints? Even sitting on my lap or in a position where I can put my arm around him makes us both feel more secure! I just get a little uneasy letting this get out of my control by not being able to hold him somehow. I don't expect him to try to climb out (he's been on water rides, one smaller roller coaster) but I just need to anticipate these kinds of things so I can relax and choose rides that I think he'll like and that we'll both feel safe about.

Any information on other rides that provide good restraint for kids with a potential to try to bail out, would you pass that on to me?



Soaring has a sest belt like you would find in a car. For children they have an additional belt that goes between their legs and you pull the seat belt through it before you buckle it. You will be sitting real close next to your son so you can have an arm around him. Soaring is not scary but I had to explain to my 5 year old that we were not really flying, it was a movie before he got on. He then went on three more times. I noticed alot of coupled holding hands, just because it is such a nice experience to share. I feel you will all enjoy this ride and be safe!
...I feel much better knowing that there's a harness type belt for kids. I'm really looking forward to it after your description!

Thanks again!:D


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