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    Nov 4, 2008
    We rented points and stayed at Beach Club Villas November 9-17. i always thought this resort was way out of our price range but found renting points to be quite reasonable. I would never pay $500 a night to stay anywhere! We had 2 studios reserved and did online check in. When we arrived via DME around 12:30pm it took just a few minutes for both of our parties to check in. Our only request was that the rooms be as near to each other as possible and that my parents room be close to the exit due to mobility issues. Our rooms weren't ready so we dropped our carryons at Bell services, picked up our scooter and headed to the bus stop. While waiting for our bus we got a text that one of the rooms was ready. After spending a few hours at animal kingdom we got the text for the other room. Our room was in a great location: room 421. It was right around the corner from the main lobby elevator. it overlooked the courtyard by the Marketplace. My parents' room was on the opposite side of the villas in room 360. They had to walk the long hallway. Our rooms were identical except their balcony was HUGE. it was a corner room and overlooked the villas' pool.
    Our rooms were comfortable. I liked having the kitchenette area. We did notice that the rooms showed some wear and tear. I would hope that the regular hotel rooms were in better shape for the price they charge per night. the pullout couch wasn't bad at all.
    The resort itself was nice. I love the smell of the lobby! The marketplace wasn't very impressive. I miss the POR food area. The few meals we had their were just OK. The store wasn't very big either.
    Storm along bay was fun. That was the main reason we chose this resort. That being said, it was kinda too big. My son is 7 and can swim, but not great. I felt like I had to follow him around because i couldn't see him otherwise. If we had been at Boardwalk or Wilderness Lodge i could have stayed put and kept an eye on him. Also, the location to get on the slide was really poorly planned. I didn't like the idea of the kids having to leave the pool area entirely, crossing the public boardwalk to get to the slide. The water was freezing!! Everyone was complaining about it. The weather was high 70's to mid 80's while we were there and being from Boston, we swim in much colder weather! Even on the warmest day the water at SAB was too cold! There are 3 hot tubs at SAB and one day all 3 were closed. Other days only 1 was open. The one near the kids pool was never open. Im not sure what was going on but I think 9 days was too long for such closures at such a high priced resort.
    We really liked Beaches and Cream. It was a quick meal with a fairly reasonable price. Cape May dinner was OK. I wouldn't go there unless I was staying close by.
    The location was just awesome! I loved taking the boat to HS and walking through international gateway. A few night were walked over to thej activity around the boardwalk.
    We liked the boardwalk area so much, and actually preferred their smaller pool that we hope to stay there on our next trip. :cool1:
    I had stayed at WL last year and was sad not to be staying there again. I still like WL but the location of the Epcot resorts is just too good to pass up.

    Overall I am very happy we chose to stay at BCV. Renting points was a great choice for us. being so close to 2 parks made our days a bit more leisurely. I despise busses so we really didn't spend too much time at MK. Next trip we may do a split stay: a few days at WLV while we focus on MK and then a few days at BWV while we focus on EP and HS.
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    I've stayed there twice -but not yet as a DVC'er. It's on our list, so thanks for the review.
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    Glad you had a nice stay. We haven't stayed in the villas, but we have stayed at the BC and I agree that the location can't be beat. Being within walking distance to 2 parks is a nice perk, especially if you spend a lot of time at Epcot and/or DHS. Thanks for your review and I hope you are able to try BWV on your next trip.
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    Thanks for your review!

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