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Mar 13, 2001
Does anyone have a breakdown of the incentives for purchasing BCV now? ( How many days of free vacation for how many points purchased? )

The point breakdown for incentives is as follows

150 points = a 5 night stay
210 points = a 7 night stay
260 points = a 7 night stay + a 3 night stay
310 points = a 7 night stay + a 5 night stay

after that I am not sure, but you are also able to take $5 off a point instead of taking the the nights in a hotel.

Belle and Rella's Dad
Thanks Belle and Rella's Dad, that is just what I needed.:cool:
Belle and Rella's Dad
Stupid question. Lets say you purchase the 210 pts and get the 7nts free. Do you still get your 210 pts also?
Minnybear -- The free stays are at WDW deluxe or moderate resorts and are an incentive since BCV owners will not be able to stay at a DVC/use their points until August. You also get your first allotment of points to use beginning in August (can begin reserving next month).
No stupid questions here, we are all just learning from each other.

Yes, you still get you points for the year and then another set of points in Feb. of 2003.

To give you an example, we are purchasing 310 points and taking the hotel stays. We are going to the Beach Club in May using our 5 night and then using points in Sept. hopefully at BCV, then the 7 night stay probably next May. Just thought I would let you know that the hotel stays have to be booked by June 1, 2003 and used by July 1, 2003.

Belle and Rella's Dad
21 days for another bundle of joy
Belle and Rella's Dad and PamOKW

I am considering buying into BCV and now I have to convince my dH. He is rate sensative and age sensative since I am 44 and he is 51 and he may be retiring in 3 yrs or so.

We already have a trip set up for 1/21/03 5nts land/4nts cruise (cat 5). What I was thinking is using the 5nts free (or extend and use 6 or 7 of those free nights) and go into the Poly or GF and then pay for the cruise. Then I am thinking about banking the 210 towards 2004 and putting those 420 pts towards a 7nt cruise. Does that sound good?

Since our year is Feb. Then our next new points will be Feb 2003 also right?

The only problem with that is that if you do take to room incentive it does have to be used by July 1, 2003. That could be a problem for you, but yes how you described in banking the points would work.

Belle and Rella's Dad
Belle and Rella's Dad

We will be going January 2003 and we may use 5-7nts of the free nights at that time. Can we use those free nights to stay at the BWV's (prob no but its worth the question).

From what I was told every deluxe resort except for the Grand Floridian is available. I don't believe that they will let you use it on BCV, but you could stay at the Beach Club or the Yacht Club that is what we will be doing so we can keep an eye on our home.

Belle and Rella's Dad
Every deluxe except the GF:(. Knowing my luck. If I could not stay at the BWV's I wanted to stay at the GF :(.

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