BCV - How are Annual Dues Calculated?


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Feb 10, 2002

We just purchased BCV property on 2/3. When I asked our rep about the annual dues for this year, she was not sure at this point how they were going to be calculated; are they going to be pro-rated, etc.? Does anyone have any insight? Thanks.
When I had inquired about this I was told that dues would not start until Aug 1 and I believe she said that they would be pro-rated although I would double check with someone on this part.
we bought on site 2/8/02. Rep assured us that dues would be prorated from the date of closing - June 1st....or maybe it was August 1st since that is when the resort is supposed to open........

either way, yes they will be prorated....
I've heard a couple of different dates but 1 August is the most common and believable date. What ever the actual date ends up being, the dues will be prorated for the rest of the Calendar year. That's the reason you much be careful regarding resales and paying dues.

We made sure that there were no back dues owed with our resale but plan on paying dues for this year. Is there anything else we need to be careful with regarding a resale?


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