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Doug Wolfe

Beach Club Villas/DVC Owner Since 2002
Apr 18, 2002
I am a new DVC member and stayed at the new Beach Club Villas from July 6th through July 13th. When I got there the Villas had only been opened for 5 days. If any of you are planning trips to BVC, you are in for a great stay.

I had Villa #538 which overlooked the canal & Dunes Cove pool. This is a one bedroom unit. It is far better than I expected. I have kids and they loved our room and most importantly they loved using Beach Club's Stormalong Bay. The hotel checked our room key card everyday since they no longer allow pool hopping at this pool, so don't forget to have a key with you.

What a great place. I am very impressed. If you are going to BCV, again I'll say you should be really happy with this new facility! Have fun in the sun. -Doug Wolfe -Decatur, Illinois.:smooth:


DIS Veteran
Jun 5, 2002
Thanks for your post. Several folks seem to have issues with BCV's - I was feeling a little spooked. We are new BCV owners, and buying into the DVC is a dream come true. I was afraid that I made a mistake. We toured the model in May, and the outside looked beautiful, and the pool is awesome. The DVC "oldtimers" (anyone before me!) say such great things about their home resorts, and I was anxious to hear someone say the same about mine (ours).
We don't have a stay planned until next May, so I have to wait to form my own conclusions.
Also, thank you DVCers for making this site so interesting - it is really nice to share our enthusiasm and excitement. You all are becoming my internet DVC & WDW friends.
Sandie B. - Freeland, Maryland


Earning My Ears
Jul 15, 2002
We were at the BCV from 7/6 - 7/13 and were throughly impressed with our stay. We had a 2 bedroom dedicated (207)on the courtyard side behind the Ariel statue. It was very quiet and near the elevator which was important since, we have small children. Being new DVC owners at the BCV, I was very happy with our accomodations, since we bought sight unseen. The kids especially enjoyed SAB and Epcot is a close walk.

It seems that most of the complaints always come from people who don't want to walk. This is Disney World!!! How on earth are you not going to walk???

We found that you can walk almost entirely from BCV to SAB indoors, if you go through the BC and YC. This was great especially if it was really hot or it was rainy. :(

The store in the BC is real close, and if you are a DVC owner, you can rent a limited number of DVD's for free!




<font color=green>Working a Dream Job<br><font col
Jul 17, 2002
We bought sight unseen at BCV in March and went "home" 7/11-7/14. We were in room 378, a dedicated 2 bedroom and outside a few "minor" problems that included NO lightbulbs in the bedroom fixtures <G> we had a wonderful stay. CMs took care of all the problems we had in a very timely fashion.

The place IS beautiful and we are already wanting to add on to our 270 points there.

We are thrilled with our decision to purchase at the BCVs!!!

remember the magic


Aug 27, 2000
Well, I'm getting excited to stay at BCV 12/1 of this year. Our very first stay at Disney, our "should've trip" where we should have purchased site unseen but didn't...., our family of 5 stayed at BC in one regular room for $248 for two nights, which was a special they were offering!. We loved staying onsite so much that we knew we HAD to purchase DVC so we could afford to stay in something bigger! Three trips as members later, boy are we thrilled that we did. Can't wait for MVMCP!


I do math problems in my sleep!
Jul 7, 2002

I can't take your poll since I have not "gone home" yet. Glad to hear you had a good room. What was your balcony like? We will be staying in a 1BR next June and have heard different reports about balcony sizes. Would like to hear your opinion since you were in a 1 BR unit. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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