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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MNT568, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. MNT568

    MNT568 DIS Veteran

    Jun 8, 2001
    I just changed our ressies for our mid-October trip from POR to the BC as a surprise for my DM who is coming with me and my DS. I booked a standard view room and the only request I made was for a full balcony (hopefully we will get it). Now I am having second thoughts that I should have booked a waterview room.

    For those of you who have stayed at the BC with a standard view room, what did you think of it?
  2. Daisymeo

    Daisymeo Future Zephyrhills, FL snowbird

    Jan 14, 2001
    We just returned a few weeks ago. We stayed in room 3682 which was a nice standard view room with a full balcony on the lake side over looking the main courtyard and above Cape May. Our only request was a full balcony but when we checked in they tried to assign us to a first floor room until I protested. The next time I stay there I would definitely add to my room request a full balcony and near an elevator. It was quite a distance away from the elevator and the bellman said we were on the short end of the hotel meaning other rooms were even farther away. I thought while I was there that there were very few rooms with good water views there. To me, a water view room is a view of Crescent Lake and the Boardwalk. A water view room at the Beach Club could be a room overlooking the pools or Stormalong Bay. Also a water view room may or may not have a full balcony. I personally would never request or pay extra for a water view room there unless there is some way to assure a view of Crescent Lake which there is not. Just my opinion though.
  3. horsemom

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    Jul 6, 2002
    Speaking of water view room. When I booked my resses in Jan. I had a really nice CM and she told me not to book a water view room, because the view is not always great and why waste the money. She also told me to book a standard view, as high as I could get. Thats what she booked me for, hope this helps.:D :Pinkbounc
  4. Dixie Luvr 98

    Dixie Luvr 98 DIS Veteran

    Apr 28, 2001
    We stayed at the BC in June and requested a full balcony and garden view. We were in room 2579 which overlooked the garden courtyard behind the volleyball court. We also had a great view of the lake to our left. If was actually a better view of the water then we have had in some waterview rooms. We were also just around the corner from the elevators. The only time I have paid for a waterview is when the AP rates were with $20 of the standard view.
    Don't forget waterview can also be a pool view.

    P.S. Did anyone else ever find it wierd that when you do have a full balcony and the room above you has a standing room balcony, there can be someone standing right over your should when you are on the balcony? Kind of startled me the first time it happened;)
  5. mykidsmom

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    Apr 13, 2002
    I have been worried about this too. We originally booked a standard view. But I feel like we'll be in somewhat early at night with 2 small children. I thought a view of Boardwalk, pool, lake, might make us feel closer to the action.

    So I changed to water and was surprised that they still had that option available as we are going next week. Does that mean they are not booked up? Is this typical? Would this mean the chances are good that you can get upgraded to water?

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