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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by emmysdidi, Mar 4, 2012.

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    I am a firm believer that these board posts should be positive and helpful to all. I love to promote businesses and help other DISers with planning, but I can't help sharing our experience with AAA Taxi so others are prepared if they encounter the same problem.

    We booked a reservation with AAA Taxi to pick us up from MCO and take us to Radisson at the Port on February 23rd (a Thursday night) and pick us up from the Disney Cruise Terminal on March 3rd (this past Saturday). The rate I was quoted was $111.00 each way, $222.00 rt. This was for 7 people.

    Everything was great when we were picked up on Thursday. We called when we got our luggage just like we were told to do and our driver showed up within 10 minutes with a 10 passenger van with plenty of room for our luggage.

    The problem happened when we got off the ship Saturday morning. When I booked the roundtrip we were told to also go out to the taxi stand and call when we had our whole party. The woman who works the taxi stand tried to put us in two regular minivans but they wanted to charge us almost 100.00 per minivan. :scared1: I explained to her that we had a reservation with AAA and she took my name and called them back. We were told there were 4 ships that morning so they were really busy. HMMMMM....

    I called Tracy at AAA (we are now 35 minutes into waiting) and she said that it would be about 10-15 minutes...Well, a 14 passenger van shows up with 8 people in it already with a ton of luggage and the lady tried to get us in it...WHAT THE HECK???

    So, we call back to AAA one more time (we are 50 minutes into our wait now) and we were told again that there were 4 ships coming in and that even though we had a reservation there is no guarantee that we would get picked up at a certain time.

    Meanwhile, my partner was talking to the Taxi stand lady and was told that the reason we were not getting picked up was that the taxi drivers are all indepedent contractors and the rate we were quoted was too low when they could pick someone else up at a higher fare! :mad:

    After about an hour and 15 minutes into our wait the Taxi Stand lady told us that a driver named Gay would be coming for us in about 10 minutes. May did show up in 10 minutes and she was very nice but she could not got our luggage up into the back of the van so we had to help her. While we were putting the luggage up May was talking to the Taxi Stand lady telling her no one else would come and get us and that the only reason she came was that she was going to pick up two other people from another cruise terminal to make up for the low rate.

    Gay got us to MCO and we reluctantly paid our $111.00 and went on our way.

    Morale of the story-if you use AAA Taxi know that although you have a reservation, you may not get picked up on Saturday if you have a low rate!!!
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    You may want to post on the cruise board since it involved cruise transfers to let others know.

    Denise in MI
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    Posting of negative comments can be very helpful to others reading.

    Is this AAA Taxi connected with AAA and CAA auto clubs most of us around the continent know and some love?

    From your description they did get you to your destination for the price quoted although not punctually. However the overall experience would not be positive.

    Not sure whether all taxi companies, towncar companies, etc. subcontract during peak times or whether some subcontract all of the time, but every good company will stand up for the customer if a subcontractor falters.
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    I think it is this company and they state 100% satisfaction. Perhaps the OP should call and complain.
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