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    I'm still in the midst of unpacking and catching up on laundry, but I thought I'd take a break from that and highlight the good, bad, and ugly from our DLR visit, 5/7 - 5/11 and 5/14 - 5/16.

    THE GOOD :)

    *Despite a definite feeling of crowded-ness in walkways/shops during our first Mon. thru Thurs., ride lines stayed nice and short in most cases.

    *The weather was beautiful! It was warm enough for water rides every single day of our visit. For the first time ever, I was the one in the raft to get absolutely drenched. We also got hit with the geyser on one run...and I got the worst of that, too. It was so fun! And on our last day, we were riding Splash, and the ride stopped while we almost to the top of the incline belt for the big drop at the end. We were stuck for about 3 minutes, but when the ride started up again and we went down the hill, this HUMONGOUS wave of water engulfed the entire front of our log and my DH, DS14, DS7, and DD's boyfriend got absolutely soaked to the bone. My DS14 had been hoping to get drenched on the water rides but had somehow managed to miss getting very wet for the duration of our visit ...being in the front on that last trip on Splash, he was nothing short of thrilled that he finally got soaked.

    *We got to see Alladin again, this time from the mezzanine. We loved it, again. It was a different actor playing Genie from the other time we were able to see the show, which surprised me. He was great though, as were all of the other actors.

    *We decided to take a chance on Rancho Del Zocalo again (we hadn't tried it in about 10 years because the one time we'd been there years ago, we thought the food had been really cold, and way too salty...), and we were not disappointed. My son and I shared the red enchilada plate there a few times during our stay. The enchiladas are gluten free!... and the chef was super nice when he came out to help us identify and order other gluten free items.

    *I got to see one of the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies shows for the first time. It was the one where the men just come out and sing and say some funny things...I had my 7 and 11 year old with me at the time, and they begged to leave about halfway through the show...but I enjoyed the portion that I saw. My DD20 and her boyfriend saw a different version, and said it was good, as well.

    *We encountered many more pleasant/cheerful CM's on this visit than on our last few trips. There were some who were not, of course (in fact, at one point, while waiting in line to ride Soarin', my DD's boyfriend commented about the CM running that portion of the line..."Wow, that guy sounds like he hates his life"....), but for the most part, the difference compared to our other most recent DLR was noticeably better.

    *We got to ride in the very last car of the monorail. My kids thought it was great, but I personally didn't love how far it leans on turns, lol. :crazy2:

    *The duck families that hang around the Hungry Bear seating area downstairs were such an unexpected highlight of our trip. There were LOTS of baby ducks, and the all of the ducks would come very close to people sitting at tables. Each day, we would take a snack break in this area and my kids absolutely LOVED getting to visit with these ducks.

    *This was the first DLR trip where we spent more time in DTD than just a quick run through on our way to the security tables in the mornings, or for a quick stop in World of Disney for last minute souvenirs before jumping on the trams. Our 7th day at DLR, we opted to hang out in shops during the hottest part of the day. My DD7 and I had SUCH a great time at the Lego store! We worked hard to fill in every tiny bit of space in one of the large pick-a-brick containers, and had so much fun with it. My son was SOOO excited at all of the pieces he could choose from. I wish I'd known about the huge pick-a-brick selection they had at the DTD Lego store (we've always done PAB online...), because honestly, that experience was the best 2 hours and $15 I've spent in a long time, lol.

    We did a LOT of shopping on this trip....Croc flip-flops, mugs, pins, lanyards, embroidered blankets, jackets, hats, etc. I generally avoid theme park shopping like the plague (lol), but for some reason, I didn't hate it quite as much on this trip as I normally do. :confused3

    *We also spent a lot of time in the Wilderness Explorer area. My DD11 and DS7 simply could *not* get enough of those rock climbing walls! They climbed them over and over on a couple of different days. We did the map thing and the badge ceremony with Russell from Up on one of the days, too, and my DD7 really enjoyed that. The zip lines were a hit, too.

    *This was DD20's boyfriend's very first trip to Disneyland, and he had such a good time. I think the sheer size of the parks was a little overwhelming for him, and by the end of each day he was exhausted, lol. But he was soooo happy to be there and really loved it. We were able to do every ride except the 2 that were closed, plus Nemo, and Toy Story Mania. When all was said and done, he said that Space Mountain was his very favorite ride.

    This was also his 1st time to SoCal, so on the weekend we also took him for a drive along PCH to Ventura (where all of the boys in our group were thrilled to see a red ferrari, lol), hung around downtown Ventura, went to the beach to play in the water, and to see Olvera Street and Union Station in Los Angeles. In addition, we had dinner with friends in Ventura, visited family in Ojai. I also visited my Dad's grave for the 2nd time...which was sad, of course, but I'm glad we went. The last time we drove through in January, I just couldn't muster up the emotional strength to go see him, and I had felt badly about that. Cemeteries are never fun places to find yourself, but I needed to go.

    THE BAD :worried:

    *4 of our days had much longer lines than I'd hoped for.

    *We got stuck on a few rides. The only one where it really became an "issue" was on Space Mountain. As we were headed up that first hill in the tunnel, the ride suddenly stopped. The lights came on, and CM's were frantically rushing some cars off the track to some area beyond the loading zone and to the left. When one of the CM's came over to where we were, she asked if everyone was alright, and I asked what the problem was and she said, "I just forgot to put the bars down". We were like, "Okay :confused3". The lights went back out and we expected the ride to start back up but then there was yelling, confusion, and the same CM came back and turned the lights back on. I noticed that she looked very nervous and was actually shaking. So, that's when we all opted to get off the ride. We were stuck on that hill, so we had to climb out of the trains as they were slanted up the track, and jump out. Then they directed us through a narrow staircase through a door in that tunnel, and we ended up in the exit area. It was both nervewracking, and disappointing...but stuff happens. I was grateful we'd been in an area where it was easy to leave the ride. There was a train actually stuck in the main section of the coaster, sitting in there with the lights on. I sort of have an unspoken fear of getting stuck in a place on a ride where we can't get out quickly or easily, and then somebody in my group needing to *really* use the bathroom. LOL!!!

    *The kids got sick. Again. :rolleyes2

    THE UGLY :crazy2:

    *There's no way to put this mildly...people were jerks. We encountered a consistent barage of rude, inconsiderate, intolerable behavior on most of the days we were in the parks. Examples:

    Every single day that we lined up for rope drop, people cut in front of us. It was really pathetic...I mean, these were adults. On one day in particular, I was standing at the rope with my DS (we'd shown up extra early to be in that spot). Some guy, probably in his 40's walks up, wriggles in front of us appearing to want to pin trade with the CM's at the rope. Since it seemed he just wanted to trade I didn't say anything. But it quickly became obvious that he was only pretending to trade in order to cut in front of us because he barely glanced at the CM's lanyard for like, two-tenths of a second. So, I asked politely, "Sir? Are you waiting for your family?" He replied that no, he was not. I said, "Well, did you realize that you cut right in front of a child waiting at the rope?" So, he pretends to be all surprised and says, "Oh, well go ahead then". We were already standing just mere inches from the rope and I didn't particularly *want* to hug the thing, so I said, "Actually, we're going to stay where we are, but that doesn't mean you get to cut in front of a little boy whose been standing here for half an hour waiting". So he again tells me to have my son stand against the rope. I decline, and say, "Just because we don't want to move 3 inches, doesn't mean you don't have to wait your turn. Are you really going to cut in front of a 7 year old?" So, being the bada$$ that he was :rolleyes2, he wittingly replies, "You know what, yes I am - if you're going to be a smarta$$ about it". (This is where he was VERY lucky that my husband was not standing there with me...) So I answered, "Well, you're being a jerk? :confused3" and then this ridiculous loser stares me down and says, "F*** you"..... to the mother of the 7 year old he just cut in front of! (And this is where he should be thanking his lucky stars that I didn't text my husband, who was sitting about 5 feet away on a bench with our other children - because DH would have absolutely ripped this guy apart at this point). We finally just stopped going to rope drop.

    That's just one example. We had people cutting in front of us in lines every day (and these were adults with young children - not the teens from Grad Nites or school groups). But the very worst experience happened at Taste Pilot's Grill.... was very crowded when we went for lunch. As DH ordered with our older kids, I took my DS7 with me outside to try to find a table. We finally found one, outside, over where they have those fabricated rock formations that separate the TPG seating area from the main walkway? So, we're waiting at the table, and DD20's boyfriend is kind of back-and-forth, bringing out napkins and utensils, etc. After waiting at that table for about 5 minutes, the children from the family a couple of tables over wriggle past our table in order to climb on those rock formations. The way our table was situated, there was almost NO space between the table and the rock formations...this 4-5 year old girl had to squeeze in between our table and the formations, that's how close it was. So, she's up there climbing (which isn't something they're supposed to be doing, anyway...) and her and the mom are kind of having a back-and-forth conversation over us - annoying, but not necessarily cause for anger or anything. So, the kid is like up and down, up and down, repeatedly squeezing past us, bumping into us, yelling over us, etc., and the mom is just totally ignoring the fact that we're going to try to be eating in this spot momentarily. Anyway, there are tables lined up against this fake rock formation thing all the way down. And now the girl is climbing across to the other side of it as well. So then, just as DH and kids are bringing the food to the table, the ginormous Dad of this girl, brings her toddler sibling over, and crams himself between the part of the table my husband and I are sitting at in order to STICK HIS TODDLER SON up on this rock formation to climb as well! These things probably are about 8 feet high at their tallest, with nothing but concrete below...I mean, if the kids fall, they're going to get injured - especially that toddler.

    So, at that point, I realize I need to wash my kids' hands so they can eat. So I send my 14yo off to the men's room, and run my two youngest over to the ladies restroom across from Soarin' to wash up. Halfway through washing our hands, I get this "feeling" I hurry them up and head back to the table just in time to see my husband flying towards the Dad of these kids! The man's wife, and presumably his mother or mother-in-law, plus some other woman that was with them, plus their kids, are swarmed around our table and my family, and it's obvious that it's going to turn in to a full-blown brawl any second. :crazy2:

    I run over, squeeze myself between my family and theirs, and tell them to "just go!" The mother-in-law is like, standing over my DD20 who is sitting at the table, just yelling in my daughter's face. It was so entirely ridiculous and I feel bad for the neighborhood that has to live near those trashy people. Evidently, what happened, was that the man had repeatedly bumped into my husband without so much as an excuse me, while my husband was sitting at our table just trying to eat lunch, and then the man stepped on our bag, which was halfway under our table, and it had our camera in it, so finally my husband was like, "are you serious? you're stepping on my bag", and the guy says, "Yeah, you should move that". It was UNDER *our* table!

    So at that point, the man started to back up, but DD20 *knew* her Dad was about to blow (DH and I have been together since I was 19, and he used to brawl at the drop of a hat - so as the years have gone by, at my request, he has avoided any physical altercations for a long, long time - and the last one was when he was just stopping some guy who was beating his wife...) . So, DD20 tells the guy, "You need to just go sit down". And he turns to her and calls her a tramp - which is when I happened to look up as we walked back from the bathrooms to see my husband going for his throat.

    By that time, their entire family was swarmed around our table, yelling at them. My DS14 was sitting in the middle of it through the entire thing...and it's almost comical now because nothing bad happened, but we're like, a Christian, homeschooling kids are simply not accustomed to scenes like this, LOL. DH and I grew up in some rough-and-tumble families, but our kids really haven't been around that kind of thing. The offending family all left when I told them to go, but not before that big ogre told me to shut up and told my oldest daughter "you're ugly". What a dork. I mean honestly, the best thing he could come up with was to tell a 20 year old she was an ugly tramp? And actually, we've been joking about it ever since because she happens to be the absolute opposite of his remarks.

    Anyway...we haven't been treated that way in....I don't think we've *ever* been treated quite like that. So, being that it happened at DLR - while a CM stood nearby and knew what was happening and should have nipped it in the bud from the beginning by having the parents bring the kids down off of the rock formations and evidently did so at some point, but not until after things had already become very heated (3 days later we were in the same place and kids were climbing on them and the CM was ordering them to get down) - definitely made the place not feel so magical, to say the least. I'm not sure if the guy was drinking or if he's just that obnoxious all the time....I seem to remember seeing drinks on their table, but I can't be sure.


    So there it is..the good, the bad, and the ugly. We learned that 8 days is entirely too long for us personally (we had planned for 9, but left a day early...). And after dealing with so many obnoxiously rude people in one place, we're all agreed that DLR just isn't the place for us that it used to be. We're sad about that, but are going to focus on getting excited about other destinations to travel to from now on. We may use our AP's one more time before they expire just to see Cars Land and the new Matterhorn cars, but I think there's a good chance that we will decide in the end that it isn't worth the trouble.
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    Jun 2, 2008
    What the what? Wow. What else to say? The nerve of some people... I hear similar stories often from my friends. And we just wonder why their brains work the way they do... and try to stay out of their way. (Personally I think it has to do with the way people act on highly-rated television and popular video games...but I'm sure you've heard that before.)

    Wonder what happened on SM. Shaking CMs are not a good sign.
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  4. mooshka1

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    May 12, 2011
    So sorry to hear all that. Just can't believe the way some people act. Seems like a lot of people have had pretty horrible clashes with other guests at DL. :( It's really disappointing.. Does this board have a "Worst Experience At DL" thread??
  5. nannyz

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    Apr 16, 2009
    As I stated in another thread, this summer's trip will be our last for a while. Going to head to San Diego next year.
    I surely hope our last trip isn't a bad one.
    I am not surprised at your experiences with rudeness. We are becoming a rude country. Parents are afraid to be parents so their kids grow up to be brats.
  6. tinkermomma

    tinkermomma Mouseketeer

    Jun 16, 2011
    My goodness. Sorry that happened to you. I hope I don't run into any of those types while we're there. So sad.
  7. arthur06

    arthur06 DDC #689

    Oct 26, 2008
    My uncle and his daughter were at the Angles game a few nights ago, when I foul ball went there way. My uncle got it and gave it to his 7 year old daughter. The guy sitting behind them, said it was his ball and he should have it. My uncle, joking, said if you want to take it from a child, go ahead. And the guy took it!

    Sounds about like the same guy that you dealt with!
  8. stubby

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    Jul 9, 2010
    I should have stopped with the BAD...because reading the UGLY made me want to punch that guy for you...and I am a

    As for people being rude...they were that way on our last trip also. The ones that make my hubby mad are the ones that come and meet their group in line. If they have kids it's one thing...but last trip it was 3 people in their 50's. Come on now...if you can't wait in the line then don't go to Disney or get a pass...ugh.

    Anyway, glad at least part of your trip was enjoyable.
  9. redbonec

    redbonec Mouseketeer

    Apr 22, 2012

    I hope you all have enough wonderful experiences from all parts of your trip to remember the most.

    That is just sad, because people are supposed to go to DL for fun, but people get very greedy and selfish, and it is shocking how people can decide no one else is important when they decide what they want is more important than anyone or anything else.

    My husband loves mexican food, so we might give the Rancho place a try.

    Thanks for the other parts of your report, and I hope you are glad you went overall.
  10. DBMC

    DBMC Mouseketeer

    Apr 2, 2011
    We had a bad experience last year. We were waiting in line for the POTC movie preview, and a couple tried to cut in front of us. My Mom politely told them that we were in line, and showed them where the end of the line was. They just kind of played dumb and got in line right behind us. They then started making rude comments. Someone in our group made a comment to another in our group about rude people. And then he really started being rude, don't remember exactly what was said, but he was insulting my Mom. So I turned and said just stop being a jerk. He then proceeded to say that handicapped people were so stupid and annoying etc.:confused: (I was on an ECV.) My husband did not react well to that! By then the line was moving, and the guy was trading words with my very angry husband and my Mom. I kinda zoomed ahead and told a CM that he was harassing us. The CM asked him if there was a problem, that mostly shut him up. I couldn't believe that someone would act like that at all, let alone Disneyland! But I guess even jerks enjoy DL. :crazy2:

    But despite that mishap, I still love DL! I usually notice when people are extra friendly more than the rude people.
  11. MrLincoln

    MrLincoln Daring To Do My Duty As I Understand It

    Apr 29, 2012
    Sounds like the linecutters are going to be a problem this summer. That happened to wife and I last Spring Break during Fantasmic, multiple times.

    Too bad adults are forgetting how to act around children, and in Disneyland of all places. Mugglemama, kudos on being the more mature person. I hope my sister's family acts that way and not like the ugly people you ran into when we all go in two weeks.

    Just because you are in the Happiest Place on Earth doesn't mean you get the run of the place over thousands of others. I'll show no hesitation in alerting a CM and calling out any rude behavior this trip...Mugglemama, thanks for the heads-up and report.
  12. Jen&Trenton

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Mugglemama, thanks so much for taking the time to write all that. Great report and I'm glad you had a fun time. Sounds like you have a happy and fun family! It's refreshing to read sitting in the sand pit! :flower3:

    I find every trip we go on, there is always a negative experience we encounter but manage to let all the good memories overtake the bad. Your DH sounds very similar to mine. Being in the middle east is a true test for us since there are so many others from countries around the world with different upbringings and morals. We realized that no matter how many times we stick up for ourselves (and we're talking after they put our lives in danger) and how much we confront them and try to make them see the wrong, most people do not change. When we have kids, we plan to use these people as perfect examples of how not to behave and to handle these situations. :)
  13. kailuagirl

    kailuagirl DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2009
    Wow, what an experience, and the nerve of that man!! I'm really surprised the CM didn't step in, or at least call security for help. Especially after the recent incident at TOT. It could have gotten really really ugly and he could have turned violent. People are scary nowadays for sure.

    Well, I hope you try to remember the good times and not so much the bad. I always love reading your posts and suggestions and such and you do have a love for Disney. Let's hope this doesn't change it forever.

  14. JadeDarkstar

    JadeDarkstar Dis Veteran Pirate dragon mom

    Jun 2, 2007
    im sorry you had a bad few incents *hugs* ty for the tr.

    I for one would have told those kids on the rocks "your not allowed up there and this is our table go back to your parents, and I for one can get very loud when ppl yell at me or call me names. Your daughter did not deserve the treatment she got.

    I hope we dont find any of it, but ive also learned quickly if things happen tell cm right away just like tell the teacher. Call me a tattle tell when i was kid it was bad eevery day so i learned quickly on I had to tell when things started or the teachers (cms) wouldn't know.

    Good luck tho at the next places you go. I want one more trip even a day trip next year for cars land but it will prob be it for dl for another few years

    One question whats the lego box for 15bucks? is it like the old potato head box? you pick each piece you want? do they have figures too? Is it Disney themed?
  15. DizMe

    DizMe Here we gooooo...

    Jun 4, 2007
    Sorry about the bad experiences. Hopefully they will be things you can laugh about as time goes by, though it is a shame that you had to go through that in the Happy Place.

    But as far as rude behavior at DLR goes, I have been really lucky. I had two times when I encountered seriously obnoxious people, but both times were in the 1980s :)
  16. Poohforyou

    Poohforyou DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2011
    Your DH should get his anger in check before it gets the better of him. He can be charged with simple assault if he attacks someone. It also isn't healthy for kids to see a parent lose control. He might just want to practice walking away.
  17. JadeDarkstar

    JadeDarkstar Dis Veteran Pirate dragon mom

    Jun 2, 2007
    sounds to me her DH was fine until those ppl were stupid and steping on there bag, oh I woulda hit the dad for that, sorry my camera in there could be broke because they were stupid. Her DH seemd to hold his temper in check more then once.
  18. nannyz

    nannyz DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2009
    Getting into a physical fight in DL? I would have just found another table.
  19. cmwade77

    cmwade77 DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2005
    Ok, in all honesty, if security had come across this scene, every last one of you would have been thrown out of the park (unless one party has APs and the other doesn't, then they assumed the APs are in the wrong and not the other party). I am not saying their policy is right, just what most likely would have happend and anyone removed from the park for this reason would be banned for anywhere from one year to life with their tickets revoked without refund.

    I am not saying that their policy is right or wrong. I just mention this, as it sounds like your husband does need some help in keeping his anger in check (although I would have wanted to do the same thing as him in this situation and I would think it would be entirely justifiable) and financial motivation can be a real motivator for controlling anger in these kinds of cases.

    For future reference, all you would need to do is loudly scream for security or if you are in a position to do so, politely ask the nearest cast member to get security as fast as possible, as you would like to avoid an altercation from occurring.

    I know finding another table was probably not an option there, so this would have been your best bet to keep from getting yourselves kicked out of the park if security had stumbled across what was going on.

    Now, in all honesty, I can count on one hand the number of times that I have had rude guests in the park.

    1. There was once where I had been waiting for Fantasmic! and this family comes in at the last minute and decides they want to stand in front of me and push me back. Luckily, the lead knew me and knew I had been there longer and informed the other party that they needed to leave the area completely.
    2. Once, when Candlelight Procession was in the Fantasyland Theater and you had to go there to get park tickets in the morning, I was at the front of the Rope Drop and a person in an ECV ran over my foot (literally), so by the time I limped over there, all of the tickets were gone. Luckily, somehow I got to discussing this with someone at Billy Hill and the Hillbillies later that day and they had an extra ticket. So, there is a mixture of rude and nice. Incidentally, I was told that the person in the ECV was later removed from the park by security for continually running people over.
    3. Another time, was on the 50th Anniversary, we were waiting for the ceremony to start, so this lady squeezes past us, pretending to have family in the front (we watched and she obviously didn't), then about 5 of her children and the rest of her party move up to join her shortly after that.
    4. Once, while waiting for Aladdin, the CMs told us to fill in all available space, I did so, then another person was behind me and was told the same thing, someone in line accused her of cutting in line (despite what she was told to do), but the CM made her move back and not me. Because she saw what I had done (again, at the request of the CM), she cussed me out to the point where I actually asked for security to be present during and after the show. She thought I was rude for doing so and actually posted it to another forum, but that's another story completely.
    5. The only other one that jumps to mind was actually recent and was a CM, DW and I were with a person in a wheelchair and we decided we wanted to eat at Plaza Inn. Well, as many are aware, there are stairs there, so we take the ramp to get up and see a lot of people going in through the exit and ordering food (not just getting refills on drinks), since there was a line, we decided that if they are letting others in without standing in the line, then we should be able to do the same. The CM very rudely says that we have to wait in line, even after we point out that she just let a ton of people skip the line. The greeter at the door, who was also the lead that day, says that the other people shouldn't have been let in, but we should have and puts us in with the next group of people to go in.

    Now, granted, this doesn't count the normal things, like someone accidentally runs into you with a stroller, people not paying attention to people in wheelchairs and such, but that is just every day stuff that happens everywhere and I find most people are apologetic once they realized they made a mistake like that.

    So, yes, I can indeed count them on one hand and I think that in what is definitely well over 400 visits (probably more like 800, but I don't know when the AP site started counting), that this relatively low number and I wouldn't let a few bad apples ruin your overall experience. Just remember that there are better ways to handle things than a physical altercation and in many instances they have far more satisfying results. For example, I have seen people being reported for smoking in nonsmoking areas and then being removed by security when the found them to be doing so. They did not receive a refund on their tickets, although they were confiscated, so the party lost their entire Disney trip. To me, nothing is more satisfying than seeing those that break the major rules (for example accidentally having a flash go off on a dark ride is not that big of a deal, but doing it constantly, even after the CMs have come over the loudspeaker and asked you to stop is a big deal) be punished appropriately for the rule breaking. For example, in the case of the flash pictures being repeatedly taken, I have seen security take the camera and let the party know that they can go to lost and found after the park is closed and get their camera back, but if they want it back sooner, they would have to hand over their park tickets. In this case, it was a CM that reported the people taking flash pictures on Pirates, even after they came over the loudspeaker and said not to.

    Again, I point this incidents out, not to point out the rude people (as in all honesty, these situations didn't involve me, other than I happen to see what was happening with security), but rather to point out that there are much better ways to handle rude people than physical altercations.

    I take it back, there is one ongoing rude thing that people do that I can think of is putting kids on their shoulders at Shows (Fantasmic!, Fireworks, WOC, etc.) and Parades, even when they are standing in front of a wheelchair section, thus blocking the view of everyone behind them. It would be nice if Disney would put a top to this, even if just for the safety reasons alone, what if they accidentally drop the child? In many cases they are near fences and other items that can do some serious damage.
  20. Mugglemama

    Mugglemama DIS Veteran

    Jul 14, 2008
    Any Dad I personally know would get angry enough to hit another grown man for verbally assaulting his daughter. Just sayin'. ;) Actually, I felt my husband kept great control, considering the circumstance. As far as walking away...DH hasn't had a physical altercation in nearly 20 years...I'd say he's pretty good at walking away.

    It actually was the very last table (did I not mention that?..I think I did, but I'd have to go back and re-read...). And he didn't get into a physical fight in DL...did you read the entire post? :confused3

    My daughter *did* ask the closest CM for help, and she was actually the one who came over and pulled the peoples' kids off of the rock formation as the adults in their party hovered over my seated children yelling at them. We were concerned about encountering these people in other places throughout the resort, and had all agreed that if we did, and they began to say anything to us or approach us in any way, that we would immediately seek out a CM for security assistance. Fortunately, as far as we know, we didn't encounter them again during our stay. I didn't know to yell for security...I do wish I'd known that at the time.

    As to DH needing help to keep his anger in check...all I can do is laugh. I realize you don't actually know him, and you're simply going off of this one incident that I described, but he's not an "angry" guy:laughing:. He simply became angry after being repeatedly bumped into by an uncommonly inconsiderate family as he tried to eat his lunch, angrier when they stepped on our personal belongings, and angrier still when the man verbally assaulted his daughter. I'm not sure about you, but every man I've ever known would have become angry in that specific situation.
  21. JadeDarkstar

    JadeDarkstar Dis Veteran Pirate dragon mom

    Jun 2, 2007
    my 50+step dad would become just as protective if some one called me a tramp just saying i think he was justified and I hope you and your fam had enough good memories to last you a few years and you have fun other places. But don't forget us, and don't forget to go back every other year or so just to see the new stuff and maybe one day it wont be so bad and you will deiced to get ap's again.

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