Attn:11/22/03 cruisers!! Who is in MY room before us and 12/06 who is after us???

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    Jan 13, 2003
    The last DCL cruise we were on was Dec 1 2002 Wonder. A replacement cruise for our cancelled Magic. After being cancelled the night before we were to fly out (Thanksgiving eve) and hotel reservations being messed up etc...........(I'm not going any further) I decided when we finally got on the ship to "tie one on". No, not sloppy drunk but hanging out on deck 10 having a few ESPN sports mugs full of my favortie beverage, watching the stars and hearing the waves hit the side of the ship all by myself after DW and DD's went to bed. Maybe I stayed out a little longer than I should have and had maybe one too many before I went back to the stateroom...........So where is allthis going??? So, I do get back to the room get changed and slide into bed.....set my glasses on the table next to me (I think) and fall asleep. I being the first up (as always) quietly slide out of bed take a shower and get dressed to go get some coffee. Where is my glasses??? I know it's a new place and I had a few beers but, I always put them next to me on the table!!! So I search......In the bed sheets.....under the table.....on the floor and finally under the bed.....feeling around I find something..........A BRA!!!!!!!!! And it's DEFINATELY not my DW's. That's when I started to think "who was in this room last cruise?" Yes I did find my glasses but now I think it would be coll to see who is in our stateroom before and whom is in after...................oh by the way we are in 6608.

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