Are yer both alright Janice and Jules, in view of the floods?



Saw the news last night and Suffolk and DISS were centre of the story. I know yer both livin round that area (well, it's all south of Darlington to me!) and hope yer alright, floodwise.

Least yer can gan plodgin on a mornin !

Jokin apart, I'm thinkin of all in flood hit areas- it must be heart breakin for you all.
Hi Dave - how thoughtful of you to ask!

We are quite lucky here in as much as our house is situated on a slight hill, but the River Gipping down in Stowmarket, and which flows all round where we live, has burst it's banks in several places. I have just got back from the village and there are several pockets of flood water along the road - if it rains much more it could get a lot worse - but at the moment it seems to have ceased. I think the school is under threat of flooding, which obviously would be disastrous for the school - but I think the kids will make the most of it!

I dont know how Jules' area is coping - she is a lot farther north than me. They are giving out warnings on the local radio of Flood Area's - it's all very scary and I also feel for those who have had their homes invaded by the water. That must be so awful!

Thanks for asking Dave :D :D :D
Hi Guys, just checkin In, Yep were fine also, DISS isnt that close to me, so no serious problems here, not as bad as you are seeing them on the news anyway. were also kinda lucky that our drive is on a slant upwards to the house, which helped the last time there was flooding in this area.

Cheers for worrying about me mate!.



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