Are ya having a good time at th DL resort?


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Apr 28, 2001
My enjoyment of DL has increase exponentially with the addition of DCA and Downtown Disney. We love the intimate atmosphere of the parks and we have put our Christmas trip to WDW on hold because we are so anxious to see what they do at Christmas at DL resort!

I belong to a number of different Disney oriented websites (yours is my favorite, Pete) and DL resort bashing is almost a sport at times. I heard tales of overflowing trashcans, dirty bathooms, non-working waterfountains, bad food, horrible service, nasty CM's and the like. We saw clean parks and had attentive staff and had great meals.

My friends know how much I frequent DL and they ask me for tips. They express concern because of all the "bad publicity" the parks get on the different websites. Without fail, everyone I encouraged to go had a great time and had no . All have either expressed a desire to go back or have already planned their next trip!

I of course see things I would like atended to or even changed, but each and every time I go to the parks I have an over the top great time.

I would like to know if those of you who have been in the past year have had a good time. Also, do you like DL Resort better before or after DD/DCA?
Let me put it this way... I was disappointed at DCA early last year, but the resort overall is a very good place to have a vacation. Downtown Disney is very appealing, the new monorail station is a wonder, the GC is very pretty - needs to mature a bit, of course. Disneyland Hotel is much better now. Disneyland has a lot of maintenance and upgrading to do, but it remains my favorite park of all the Disney parks, to the point that I only go to Magic Kingdom at WDW if I am meeting friends there, or my family insists.

I always prefer to stay onsite - this time I wll probably stay offsite to keep to my budget unless the rates drop substantially at the GC or DLH. The one thing that is most different at DL compared to WDW is the lack of calm, quiet, restful meandering walkways where you can get away from the overstimulation, look off into the distance and see nature, and really let your mind and body relax. If they find a way to put that in, DL will be perfect. DCA needs work, and they seem to know that. It will be interesting to see how it develops.
I think the place is really great.

I enjoy going down there so much more now.

It is what made me start buying an annual pass.
:confused: Hi Year2late
I don't know what it is - but it does seem that people just can't seem to go somewhere and just absorb themselves in happiness & fun anymore. They have to find something to complain and whinge about - which is really sad:(

I am so glad that you have enjoyed the parks and your positive comments are great - we are planning a secret trip for April for myself, hubby & 3 darling and delightfuls and I too have been worrried because of the bad reports, you have cheered my thoughts. I'd hate to think that we have spent a year saving & planning (in secret) this international journey, if it was to be going to a place in disrepair. Although with most of the attractions currently down for refurbishment and all due back up by the time we arrive then I would anticipate that DL will be a sparkling jewel.

And yes, you read that correctly this whole journey has been organised in SECRET our children have absolutely no idea what is coming up :D They are 12,9 & 5. I would have thought that our 12 year old may have picked up on all the brochures lying around the house or the fact that I'm on the "net" searching for information about California & various attractions - but even he is oblivious - perhaps its more that it's such a big dream in their hearts that they just can't even believe that it could come true? Well we hope that because this one will come true that it will give them a strong foundation for the future in knowing that "Dreams do come true" and you just have to keep on working toward them - and believe.

Kind regards
Tracy (only 59 days to go - yeah we've hit the 50's):bounce: ::)
We made our first trip to DL this past August, we generally go to WDW yearly since we own the vacation club. We loved the differences. The small quaint area. My husband is in love with GC because of the location and it was a really nice hotel. We are used to spread out lands and it was nice to walk out and be at a restaurant or shop. We will probably be stopping there again next year on our way back from Hawaii to the east coast. If you are use to WDW, just be aware that there are differences but you may really enjoy those differences. WE did.
Just beware, the Italian restaurant is mucho expensive.
I should add, we have been Annual Passholders for 3 years, It was a wonderful place even before the expansion. :) Actually, it was a lot of fun to watch the construction! :)
My biggest regret is not taking pictures of the construction! I carefully "hid it" to obtain more beautiful pictures. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
I love BOTH parks and we are annual passholders as well. The addition of DCA was WONDERFUL for us as my daughter is not a thrill-rider and she loves the Disney Animation area, Redwook Creek Challenge Trail, several tame rides at Paradise Pier, and her FAVORITE (mine too!) Soarin' Over California. For us, DL is a MUCH more desirable destination because of DCA.

We also enjoyed the new restaurant offerings at DCA and admit we are disappointed that Wolfgang Puck and Mondavi pulled out of sponsorships. But that does not stop us from going or enjoying the parks. We also love the addition of Downtown Disney and the entertainment and dining options that have been added there. :)
My first trip to DL is planned next month. Considering the number of rehabs that will be going on at DL, I can honestly say that I am looking more forward to visiting DCA than DL.

How can Splash, Space, & POTC (and by extension BB) be closed for rehab at one time?:confused: If it would be just me going, I would definitely cancel the trip. It is sooooo disappointing :(
I guess I am used to travelling off season. The refurbishment/closure schedule is always high. I would hazard a guess that if you checked the next peak period (Easter weeks-late March/Early April) the refurbishment schedule would be minimal. The payoffs (IMHO) of going off season is big, but if you are a ride conosiuer the price is big ,too.
I have never been to DL but im looking forward to it. too many clones of rides from wdw. I hope its decorated as nicely at x-mas time as wdw is!!!! I hope everything is up and running by time we go!!!
Clones of rides from WDW??? LOL! Bob! Disneyland is 46 years old! Magic Kingdom is only 30 and it is a clone of Disneyland. :) There is nothing like the Sun Wheel, Soarin' Over California, Maliboomer... it is different and nice in its own right. I have done Disneyland at Christmastime twice, and WDW with Christmas decorations 3 times. They are both great, but Disneyland is nicer somehow - more natural. Hard to explain - I guess you will have to see for yourself. The decorations at WDW were much more low-key this year.
<font color=navy>We're annual passholders, also, and we just love the DLR. Although, DL is 25 miles from us (mostly freeway), we almost always go to the AMC at Downtown Disney to watch a movie. We appreciate both parks for the fun they bring to us. Out of the six weekends we've had in 2002, we've been to the DLR five times! Three of my dd's closest friends now have APs, and the girls love playing at both Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure. We also enjoy going to Downtown Disney and the hotels.

I can understand the disappointment in "cloning." But to tell you the truth, the vast majority of people on the Best Coast have never been to WDW, and probably never will. DL will be their only experience of these attractions, so in that regard, I'm glad they bring some of the popular ones over, and vice versa for WDW. In my opinion, the main plan would be to give the best Disney experience to the most people available in that particular region of the US, and if some of those people want to experience more than one park, then even better, even though some attractions would be repeated. I would prefer, though, that each park would have its own version of any one attraction - like HM and PoC. So, though I'm really looking forward to TOT, I wouldn't mind that it's not as grand as the one at MGM. It gives the people here a chance to experience a fun ride (and I hear that even though it's not as big as the one at MGM, it's going to have some killer effects), while leaving us with the anticipation of having a different experience at WDW.

They've done a wonderful job integrating the whole resort, and it's hard to imagine that it used to be just a parking lot not too long ago.

Bob, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the Disneyland Resort during the Christmas season. Everything is decorated, Dickens carolers on Main Street, Christmas cookies to decorate, music everywhere, attractions specially themed for Christmas, ... Disneyland Park has basically traditional decorations and California Adventure has basically gold, more modern decorations (to go with the Golden State theming).

year2late.... I honestly can say that I don't even notice the criticisms you mentioned. I'm too busy having fun at the resorts. Now, last Saturday, they did have the fountains turned off, but that was because it was soooo windy that water would have been going horizontal, spraying all the guests. I did notice that when the winds died down they turned on the wave fountain at the Main Plaza in DCA. One thing I do notice, though, is that all the CMs I talk to are just the nicest people - they really are a pleasure to deal with. :)
The criticisms I found were here on this board and other Disney discussion boards as well. I have yet to notice any of them. I think you make a great point that most travelers do not venture to both parks, so comparisons would be lost on them anyway. I go to both and have a great time - each and every time. I have had a few hotel glitches, but my enjoyment in the parks has been phenomenal and getting better every time!
For people who live in FL or CA it may not matter about cloned rides. But where im from you have to fly to both places anyway and if the park's arent that much different then more people in my position will opt to go to wdw which isnt good for CA in bringing in the tourism dollar.
But all that aside im really looking forward to seeing DL and seeing what started it all. I just wish they had a mickeys x-mas party like wdw has.
hmmmm...... I remember a couple of years ago when we paid the big bucks for MVMCP, thinking that this was the kind of stuff that they pretty much had for normal admission at Disneyland - but without the photos and free hot chocolate. Things may have changed, that was before the expansion was open.
<font color=navy>Teri,

That's just what I was thinking. I read all these trip reports about the Christmas parade, the snow (are there fireworks to holiday themed music?), and the decorations, and then I go to DL, and think that it's the same here, except no free pictures, no free hot chocolate... but then, this is just normal MO for Disneyland from November through the beginning of January: Christmas decorations all around and each land has decorations that match the theming of the land (my fave is New Orleans Square-which you wouldn't see at WDW), beautiful fireworks at night, with a song at the end while it snows, a fun Christmas parade with a catchy tune, and then it's topped off with beautiful music throughout the park, two Christmas themed E-ticket attractions, two places where you can decorate Christmas cookies and then eat them for a nominal fee (one place is at the fire station on Main Street and the other in New Orlean's Square w/different shaped cookies). Dickens carolers come out in the afternoon, and lead Christmas sing-a-longs where guests can participate around the Christmas tree. The Main Street band playing more Christmas music. Minnie Mouse has a Christmas show. The second weekend in December, if you get in line verrrrry early (I'm talking 5:30ish) you can get tickets to the Candlelight Processional-free.... We stayed at the Grand Californian one night, with a room facing Downtown Disney (it's right there), and I opened the balcony door to hear Christmas music drifting up from down below.... characters dressed in Christmas costumes, Santa asking children what they want for Christmas (by the Christmas tree).

At DCA, Christmas is gold. Again, you have Christmas music all around, and on the lagoon, there is a small pyrotechnic show that includes a laser show featuring cards that guests have decorated that day.

It may not be like the WDW Mickey's Very Merry Christmas, but I really enjoy Christmas at DL... and anyway, we don't want to really clone what they have in Florida. ;) It's nice to experience the original Disneyland with our California flavor. :)

Bob... in regard to the other comment about having the same attractions - you can skip Honey I shrunk the Audience, Muppet 3D, Bugs Life, Star Tours, I don't know about Millionaire .... everything else is just a little bit different than what you see at WDW. Some are better at DL, some are better at WDW (depending which was built first), and some are just.... different. But, IMHO, all are worth a visit. :)
<font color=navy>Ooooh, forgot to mention....

For some more insight on the DLR, especially at Christmas, may I recommend visiting the DL trip report board, especially Robin's outstanding report about her visit in December. These are guaranteed very enjoyable reads....

Disneyland Trip Report Board


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