Are my 2004 tickets still good?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Carolc, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Apr 30, 2006
    I bought 5-day Park Hopper Plus passes back in May 2004. It was supposed to have 2 'Plus' options on it (though it doesn't say anything other than '5 Day Park Hopper Plus'. When we went in June 2004, we used all 5 park days, and 1 'Plus' option at Blizzard Beach.

    Will my second 'Plus' option still be valid? I'd like to use it for Typhoon Lagoon. It says nothing on the ticket about an expiration date. I bought it from the Hotwire Savings Club, which I think is no longer around (?). Is there a Disney phone number I can call to find out for sure?

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    You need to take ur old tickets to any guest relations counter or desk at the parks or Disney hotel ur staying at to find out what is left on it. We have old tickets from trips that I know we have a day or free option left but cant find out whats left till we go again. It stinks that u have to wait till u get there to find out whats left on old tickets cause it would save me $$ the next time we puy tickets.. O well if there was only a easier way to find out..
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    Standard 2004 and earlier tickets do not expire. If yours had a leftover plus when you finished your last vacation, the plus is still there.

    When keeping track of what is left on your ticket, remember that going into a water park with your Park Hopper Plus or with your Magic Your Way with water park fun & more does not click off a "day" at that moment.

    Try not to use old leftover tickets for theme parks for just part of a vacation (of 4 to 10 days) even if you know exactly what is on those tickets. Otherwise you might save only two dollars a day. Old water park admissions (plusses) can be used safely any time.

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    You can only find out what remains at a Guest Services location at WDW. The representatives are not permitted to accept ticket serial numbers by phone or to give any information about validity of a specific ticket over the telephone.

    The main reason for this is Disney does not want to assist in any selling of partially used tickets.

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