AP Courses/Tests...


Earning My Ears
Mar 23, 2003
Are any of you out there taking or have a son/daughter taking an AP class offered in high school? Test season has arrived :)

I'm taking AP Psychology and was just wondering if anyone else out there is preparing for the test on Tuesday as well...
LOL!! I read AP and thought "Annual Pass" and couldn't figure out what kind of courses/test there were for an Annual Pass!!
since I took my last AP test. Good luck, it is a draining experience and waiting for the results is torture!!!
He'll take it on Tuesday. I haven't seen the AP tests help that much as far as college credits. But in our school district, it boosts your GPA by one percentage point. So, in essence, I guess I'm buying his class rank.

He did really well last year in AP American History, so I think he'll do fine this year. I wouldn't want to do it over again for anything! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE !!


My DD is a junior, she's taking AP Biology this year. The test is this week...must confess I don't know which day :eek:

Good luck Jessica!
I took the AP European History test yesterday and I was freaking out! I had a very good teacher and a 2 year long class so I should have been well prepared, but I felt like I didn't know anything. And to make things even better I really didn't feel good...I was blowing my nose constantly during the test! But I think i did ok...not great but ok.

Next year I'll be a junior and I'll be taking AP chemistry, english, and maybe calculus. I think that next may i'm going to die from stress.:rolleyes:

good luck to everyone taking tests this week!
DS took AP English, AP European History and AP American History. last week. The two history exams were given on the same day, and he was freaking out a little!

He has one more, AP Latin, on Friday. He says he doesn't think he has a prayer of passing that one. :( :(

Gosh! It's been 10yrs since I took all those AP tests and I can still remember the stress of trying to prepare for them - good luck everyone!

My little sister took AP calc last year. This year I think she's taking AP bio. AP English lit, AP French, and AP chem.
I didn't take any AP courses because my school doesn't offer any BUT I took two AP exams on Monday. The English Lit and German.....the english was really really hard.
BUT since I graduate in June...I won';t have to fill in any of those darn bubble until law school entrance exams.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!:bounce: :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:
My son is a senior and has taken his tests in AP C++ and AP Calculus. Tomorrow it is AP biology and he is done with the AP tests. He has a serious case of senioritis!
I took the AP calculus test in high school. The people scoring the test lost part of it. :rolleyes: Instead of giving me a score, they wrote a letter explaining that they had lost half of the test and said what they thought I would have probably made if they had the other half. The college I went to didn't buy it, so I took an honors section of Calculus I.


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