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    We go every year between Christmas and New Year's. We stay at either POFQ or CSR and have done this for several years. As we started to think about next year, we took a look at AoA and are thinking it might be a nice change. We have only stayed at POFQ and CSR. We are people who are on the bus at 6:20am for the 7am MK RD and coming home at 10pm. One or two days we may come back to the hotel for a few hours if the weather is warm enough to swim. We don't use the sit down restaurant or gym at CSR--but we do want the grounds to be nice and feel like a Disney resort.

    We have really looked at the reviews and pictures and our biggest concern is the buses. Do they run as regularly as they do at other resorts--at Christmas, that is a big deal. Is it only one stop like POFQ? Do they share with another resort--and if so, does AoA the first or second stop? At CSR we always walk to the first bus stop so we don't worry about a bus being full. We have always been pleased with the bus service elsewhere, so as long as AoA is similar, it would be fine.

    Anyone have any comparison reviews? Will it feel like a big step down from POFQ/CSR? Our thought is that since it is brand new it will feel really nice, even with the double beds (getting a regular room with DH, DS12, DD9) and no coffee maker--thoughts? Thanks!
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    They sure do. Buses run regularly to ALL the resorts. There are no buses that are dedicated to a certain resort. They are dispatched from a central location based on need.



    We have not stayed at AoA yet, but do have some thoughts. It seems you guys are only at the resort to sleep and shower so I don't feel you will notice a difference in the resort as a whole. It just doesn't seem like you use any of the amenities at the moderates that the values don't have.

    Now at AoA the room will be smaller, the beds will be smaller, there is only one sink and as you stated no coffee maker. If none of those are deal breakers, I think you will definitely get the "Disney feel" at AoA.:thumbsup2
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    I stayed at AOA in October 2012 and at POFQ in January 2012. I asked my DD13 which she preferred and she said POFQ. I also prefer POFQ.. It's one of my favorites. We stayed in a Lion King suite at AOA because I have 2 teenage daughters and the extra bathroom was nice. AOA was crazy! There were people everywhere and the food court was very congested. It's not a huge step down, but it seemed much louder than POFQ. My advice - if you have little kids who will really appreciate the theming and don't mind the noise, try AOA. If you want a smaller, more peaceful feel, stick with POFQ. Also.. FYI.. The buses are way more crowded at AOA.
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    I personally would try AoA! I just love variety and knowing one day you can look back and say you tried them all. I think considering you're marathon park people- if AoA is a bit cheaper you might as well!

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