Anyone stay at GuestHouse Int'l


Nov 5, 2001
We are driving from New Orleans to WDW Feb. 8-10. We are staying with family in Pensacola on Friday nite, then plan on driving to Lake City Sat. nite, 2/9.

In checking out hotels near I-75 and Highway 90 (exit 82), I discovered Guest House International for a rate of $26.95 a nite.

I am not familiar with these hotels. I have reviewed their website and they look very professional, but how can they offer this rate?

Most of the other hotels at that exit allow small pets. My husband and daughter are allergic to pets. We cannot stay in a room that has had a dog or a cat. It would be an awful way to begin our stay at WDW! Guest House does not allow pets.

Has anyone stayed at one of these hotels, or this hotel in Lake City, Florida, in particular? I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks for any input.