Anyone NOT get their waitlisted resort? UPDATE: I got it!


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Sep 24, 2001
We've just decided to change our HHI April ressie to the end of June and went on the waitlist. I also think we may add a studio at WDW before HHI. Has anyone ever put in a waitlist request and NOT gotten their ressie? I don't know if I should plan on these dates or not?????:confused:

Well, MS called me tonight--less than 24 hrs. after I got put on the waitlist for HHI 2 br. 6/29 - 7/4! Yippee:Pinkbounc I am so excited. Now all I have to do is call them again and try for WDW before HHI. Does anyone know if most resorts are booked already for this time. We will only have enough pts. for a studio so willl probably do OKW.
I waitlisted for VWL for Dec 8-15. I think I began in September. I got the last few days first, then the middle. I received Dec 8 (our first day) about two or three weeks before arrival. It all came through but we started getting a little concerned. That was my first and only (so far) experience with waitlisting.
We've always gotten the rooms we wanted although they came with persistent inquiries. Even though we were waitlisted, as the time came closer I checked periodically with MS. Within the last few weeks I would call every other day or so and I've always gotten the rooms we were looking for. I wouldn't solely rely on the waitlist without making a phone call or two in the interim.

Good luck.
For the last two years I have gotten on the waitlist for BWV at the 7-month window and haven't gotten it either time. I was requesting a popular time (first week in December), and the Boardwalk is a very popular resort. But we'll try again next year!
Hilton Head is a hard one to predict in the summer months. In the past were we on the wait list two different times for a studio or 1 br and didn't get it. We even continued the wait list up to two days prior to checkin. That year we stayed home and banked our points. Now the good news, I just had the wait list work at HH for June - 1 br. My DS is getting married in June and we gave them a week as a wedding present. I had reserved a studio at 6 1/2 mths and wait listed for the 1 br. They called Dec 27 th that the room was available. HH still does cash reservations as well, which can be turned back to the members at some point. Don't give up, wishes do come true.

Sandy B.
Last year was our first year using our Dvc membership. As the majority ruled on OKW as the resort of choice, I wanted to see how well waitlisting worked. I made our ressies for OKW 6/26- 7-5, 2002 on January 30th 2002.

Put us on a waitlist for VWL & BWV on March 7th 2002. To my surprise, on May 3rd the waitlist came through for VWL.
I speculate that the reason the waitlist didn't come through for BWV is because they were doing refurbishing on most of the Boardwalk leaving alot of the rooms unavailable.

But I could be wrong as it is a very popular resort.
Try it what have you got to lose?
Good Luck,
I have had two waitlists and never received either.

The first was for Easter last year (I didn't really expect that one to go thru!)

The second one was for this Christmas (12/22-12/27). I had booked a 1BR but wanted to change it to a 2BR at either BWV (our home) or BCV. I was on the list from the end of October until 1 week before, when you are automatically taken off.

On a whim, I call DVC 3 days before our departure and the DVC rep called BCV. "Oh, yes..... we have had extra rooms for quite some time." I only got it after my waitlist had expired.
We were put on a VB waitlist last summer for one week. I called at exactly the 7 month window for either one of our 2 week stay.

We ended up only going to VB for the weekend in between our 2 week DVC stay on cash!!

It didn't work for us!!

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