Anyone in NY state able to register for CONNECTIONS HELP


Nov 7, 2001
I havent called yet but I can NOT register online says the program is UNAVAILABLE in my area? I live in Central NY and as far as I can tell everyone anywhere in the us except Alaska & Hawaii should be able to join. I'm going to try and call Monday morning but i wondered if anyone else had this problem? I really want to join and order My tickets from them.
I just tried to join and got the same response...not available in my area! What's up with the site?
I'm in New York, but didn't sign-up online. Their webpage was recently down for changes and has vastly improved since I originally started. Obviously needs more help, though!

You should call to join.

Vivienne has a link on their site that you can use to join connections. This has been the only way I've been able to join.

I went through this last year and finally got someone on the phone who set me up with a membership! i don't recall exactly how I did it, but I had signed up a few years ago with a credit card offer and had cancelled it. They may have reopened that account ?? All I know is, I had to open a membership under my husband's name because they wouldn't except mine!! Don't know why. I got different answers from every single person I spoke to on the phone! I really don't understand their whole operation. It seems very unorganized and the customer service is not very informed and not as knowledgeable as you would expect. I must say though, the pre-paid certificate for the character breakfast is a good deal. I am waiting to use them in February and am expecting NOT to have a problem using them in Disney at the places listed on the certificate. The certificates use the Disney name, if that means anything. JUST BE PERSISTANT and try someone else on the phone and hopefully you, too, will get this membership.
Just want to add...I had gone to the web page (which had some problems last year) and brought this to the attention of the person on the phone which may have had something to do with getting the membership.
I called this afternoon and after 20 minutes on hold I had to hang-up.Is the wait time to speak to customer service usually that long? Also, if I was ever to get a membership and then decide to cancel is that 877# the one I'd have to call or would it be a toll call?
as this seemed to be only way I was able to register online. Called also and was told there would be a delay of a few days before I'd be able to place an order. But if you register via mypoints you can order your vouchers, etc. immediately.

Well, today is a new day (whatever that means) and I'm going to try the mypoints shortcut. Will let you know how I make out!:)
Heading off to try mypoints if I can remember my darn loggin info there LOL! Thanks for the tip I know they SHIP orders fast but i was strating to worry we go in 20 days! Will let you know how I make out thanks a bunch! I was starting to feel like I was the only one LOL!
I went reregistered at mypoints and finally found connections in OFFERS and logged in through them and BAM there it was my membership number WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for under $400 I was able to order my 4 day park hopper pluses for hubby and myself. I wanted to order him a DQ ticket but OCULDNT but doesnt matter the discount si the same as the one in the ET book and the birnbaum couon so biggie there.


I plan to order a bunch of Gift certificates and movie certificates also. They have pretty good offers!


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