Anyone flown by Alligent?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by poppypetal, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. poppypetal

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    Oct 7, 2008
    They fly into Sanford Airport. But I'm looking to see if I can find reviews on them. They right now are about 250.00 for my family to fly. Its like booking 3 tickets with the other companies and getting 1 free :P

    I'm just kinda dubious because of the crap that went down with DirectAir.

    Can anyone give me their opinions. I'll be flying from Niagara Falls to Sanford

    And an extra q - it is showing that they are offering half off on car rentals with Alamo - so for a van it is is coming up around 350. But you pay for it when you book your tickets. If promos come out closer to travel time (september) can I use coupons on it, or is it just better to book it on it's own?
  2. nacho113

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    Mar 9, 2012
    Used Allegiant several times, best prices seem to come up about 4-6 weeks prior to departure date (we fly out of Grand Forks ND). I booked a couple of weeks ago for April 28 departure $92 each way taxes in and it dropped even lower after I booked ($68 each way taxes in) wish I would have waited a few more days, but never can tell if it's going to jump back up.
    Only issues I have with Allegiant is that they charge extra for everything: baggage fees, seating fees, priority boarding etc. We usually opt out of the seating and boarding costs and just show up early to get a decent boarding time.
    Allegiants financials are pretty good so I don't think they are going to fold any time soon, besides, they operate there own fleet unlike DirectAirs way of doing things.
    Sanford is a nice small airport so less hustle and bustle. You get in and out very easily but ME doesn't run from here so you will need to rent a car or get some other form of transport.

    If you book a car through Allegiant, it is a prepaid rental so no price adjustments or coupons (and no refunds). We usually just book the flight and then watch for the best prices for a rental car as it gets closer to departure date.

    Allegiant doesn't have flights everyday from each destination as they spread there fleet out all over the country. If you have a flight delay due to weather, sickness or mechanical issues, they usually reschedule another flight/plane on the following day.
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    Oct 11, 2008
    HI there, we flew this route for March Break! We flew out on Sat March 10th and returned last Friday! We had absolutly no problems at all! Loved the smaller airports! Niagara Falls was so quiet they were asking us if we were ready to go through security while we were trying to check our bags! We paid $69 down and $69 back. Our prices never went down they went up, and up! I booked them the day they came out!
    Yes they do charge extra fees for everything, but that being said, so do a lot of airlines. I don't agree with the fee of booking it online (convenience fee, I believe it is called) how much easier is it when people are booking it online with no bother to them at all! Crazy! I would not pay for priority boarding, it is a complete waste of money, just so you get on the plane first. I always pay for my seats, but because I like having my hubby and one daughter sitting together, and me and my other daughter together. That being said, you probably don't have to.
    As far as Sanford airport, and car rentals. I booked one through Alamo and Avis, I dropped Avis about a week before we went, I ended up getting a great rate from Alamo for a mid size, 13 day rental for $243.00 I was happy with that, but I kept watching it, adding coupons and stuff, so I would book it seperate!
    The drive from Sanford. When you come out of the airport turn right to go on I4 not left to go the 417/435 route. The I4 we had NO tolls, the other way we paid I believe 4 or 5 tolls. Traffic is ok, but we went 417 route coming to Orlando, and I4 route going back to Sanford. Even at 7 am I4 was busy, but it was moving. Just be aware, it is about 1 hour each way. At the same time you are out of the airport in record time, compared to MCO where it is that much bigger and busier. So I would say it balances itself out!
    Any other questions, please ask. We would def fly Allegiant again if the prices stay the same as they were last March Break. The parking at Niagara Falls airport is reasonable as well!

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