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Earning My Ears
Feb 7, 2002
:) Hi All
Just thought that I'd ask the question - and see what you all thought of this company. They seem to not only offer some great deals for "package" vacations but also some FANTASTC:bounce: prices on "attraction" only prices:

EG: FREE kids tickets with each paying Adult to D/L (Apri - Sept)
FREE kids tickets with each paying Adult to Universal, Knotts, Seaworld, SanDiego Zoo & also the Wild Animal Park:bounce: :bounce:

This seems fantastic to me & I was just wondering what you all thought about them or if anyone has used them before.
Tracy (60 days and counting):smooth: :rolleyes: :pinkbounc :pinkbounc
I would also be interested in hearing from those who have used this company. I compared the ticket prices for this summer with the discounted ones I can get through the Disney Club and Get Away Today comes out ahead!

Just ordered Universal and Sea World tickets and they came in within days. They are vouchers though not actual tickets. I'm going in March and will post if I have any issues. Read the FAQ though there is a $10 processing charge but I still found it to be the best deal around.
We used them last Oct. for a last minute trip to DLR and they were great! We got a great deal...hotel for 5 nites, 4 day DL/DCA hoppers, 1 EE, some coupons and stickers for the price....655.00! We had 3 ad and 3 ch going. My Dad and sister met us and got their hoppers from getwaytoday w/o a hotel (they stayed w/my grandma) and they had no problems either. I called the 1-800 # found on ther web site and ordered over the phone, the lady was VERY nice and helpful. I recommend them HIGHLY, and I NEVER use pkgs. or travel agents!!!! Have a great trip, Disneyland is the best!:D

I am also planning on using them. Were your DL tickets actual hopper passports or were they just vouchers as well?

Anyone else have experience with Get Away Today?
Guys, I hate to say it, but if they are charging you a $10 handling fee then you are getting ripped off. Even Disney only charges a $3 fee. I believe those special discounts can be gotten through any Disney travel agency. You are paying a premium for click-through service.
Hi - I must disagree with the last comment "about being ripped off with the $10 handling fee" this amount covers whatever you purchase from them and it appears to only be a one off fee regardless of how much you purchase. We live in Australia & they are still only charging us the $10 fee - it'll probably cost them that in full just for postage.

Also I have pretty thoroughly checked out prices from various sources and there really is nothing similar on the market. Just as a guide, with our family 2 Adults & 3 kids (although 1 of our kids comes under Adult pricing). In total for FREE we have gotten 3 x 4day kids passes (each valued at $111) plus 3 FREE kids day passes to Universal, plus 3 FREE kids day passes to Knotts plus 3 FREE kids passes to Wild Animal Park. This represents a savings to our family of around $500.

However with that being said, the deals offered may not be "the best" if you are travelling without children, that is something that would probably require individual searching and hunting down - but for FAMILY deals the attraction passes are the best value around.

Tracy (58 days to go)

Postage rates to Australia are steep - I ship books there from time to time.

We had a kids-go-free coupon for Knotts that my son picked up at the information desk at the hotel last time we were in LA. So there are other options. I can see how it would make a big difference if you are planning far in advance and are not sure what coupons or vouchers will be available at your hotel. Better safe than sorry.
we got vouchers, but we drove from Ok. and this is what we did. They had already mailed all our vouchers to us, we had NO problem using the hotel voucher at all, in fact, we added an extra night and used our cc to pay for that separately, and had NO problems. After we got our luggage in our room, we walked to DLR and went to the ticket booth, which had no line, due to the fact that it was about 3 pm, and we traded the vouchers for our DLR park hopper tix. again, NO problem. Also, these tix had a $10.00 free ESPN game card with them. We just showed our tix at the game room at ESPN restaraunt, and they gave us the game cards! We had a great trip, and I priced it for the same week thru Disney travel, and even with Disney Club, I saved at LEAST $500.00! The total bill for hotel and tix for 6 of us was $655.00---that is all taxes and fees----TOTAL! We did have to pay a $15.00 fed ex fee, because we needed the vouchers before we left. Since it was a last minute thing, and we had 2 days of driving, I felt safer using the rush order and paying extra...and that was $15.00 for the whole pkg. not $15.00 each person. Believe me, I have searched MANY times for deals to Disney, and this was BY FAR the least expensive way to go!!!! And GREAT service too!!!;)
:) Hi Everybody
Just thought that I'd let you know that all of our vouchers have now arrived safe and sound - for D/L, universal, knotts & wild animal park. They took almost 2 weeks to get to us, which really didn't surprise us.
Anyway it's all action stations now with only 56 days to go.
I'm also curious about this getawaytoday. The prices for a Seaworld vacation are amazing -- free tickets for every adult ticket.
Just adding my two cents.. We used them back in October for our trip and they were absolutely wonderful.. I actually got a better deal than the website offered by calling them directly and custom fitting my schedule to the Disneyland Hotel.. We also got the free kids tickets to Seaworld when we bought the Adult ones. Now I see they have more great deals so might have to go again soon.

Everything arrived very quickly and very well marked....
I arranged a trip thru them for early January. Paid for the entire package - got written confirmation with the vouchers. Then we found MUCH cheaper rooms at the Grand Californian thru Expedia. I was able to call & cancel the whole package - mailed everything back to them, certified mail. They did charge $100 cancellation fee - but we still saved $$$ using Expedia. Plus we were able to buy 3 day park-hopper (which was all we needed) at the front desk at the GC. (we had 4 day park-hoppers thru Getaway - because that's what they offered.) So, I suppose for planning ahead or going during the "season", they're a good deal, but I LOVE finding room deals! They were very accomodating in cancelling the package.


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