Anyone ever used a Nordic Track?


Earning My Ears
Aug 18, 1999
Someone has offered me a Nordic Track machine for free and I just wanted to know if anyone currently uses one, has used one? I was really wondering how difficult it was to use? It is the one machine that my doctor recommended - she uses one herself and considers it one of the best exercise machines. Any info would be most helpful!
Yes, we have one. We have had it for a long time. In fact it is the only piece of exercise equipment that we still own and use! My DH uses it all the time. It is very easy to use and great exercise. I would highly recommend taking it, especially for free!
We have a Nordic Track Pro. I have knee problems, so I don't use ours. It makes me nervous, but the kids and DH love it. It's kind of tricky at first. You have to adjust it so it is kind of easy to do, until you get the hang of the movement. It is very good exercise! I would take it. We keep it near a TV and they take turns watching movies while they work out.
As a perennial klutz, I found the Nordic Track too hard to get used to. After a month, I was still occasionally grabbing the "Belly Pad" in terror that I'd fall and break my nose!!! Nothing against the machine, really - just poor old uncoordinated me!

We put the Nordic Trak in the attic and got an elliptical step machine. I can handle that one without fear!

DH gets tired of the same old machine eventually, so I know he'll go back to ithe Nordic Trak someday.

We had one for years and barely ever used it. I use a regular treadmill now. I sold ours for $25. There are tons of them in the "Trading Post" newspaper here. If it's free I'd say go for it, but DH and I didn't care for it.
Robin M.
I'd strongly advise getting the Nordic Track! When I was on a hospital-monitored weight program, they gave us a charts to figure out our calorie expenditure doing different modes of exercise. The Nordic Track was one of the best (i.e., highest-calorie burning) methods on the list.

When I use the Nordic Track regularly, it makes a big difference in my weight loss. And it also does a nice job in toning arms and legs too!
As a perennial klutz, I found the Nordic Track too hard to get used to.
And I thought I was the only person that felt like this! DH used it for awhile though. Lately he's been saying that he needs to get on it again to lose a few pounds before we go to WDW in July. However, I'd say if you've been offered one for free, the price is certainly right. Give it a try. You've got nothing to lose---except maybe a few pounds!

I love my norditrack. I have one that they discontinued-It has poles for the arms instead of the whatever they call them. It is probably one of the best cardio exercises out there. Sometimes I do just the Norditrack, other times I will alternate 5 minutes of Nordi, with 5 minutes of Treadmill-It's a great workout!!!
Actually all Nordic Track ski machines are discontinued....the company went out of business several years ago. I think Sears carried a line of Nordic Track treadmills or something....but these aren't a real Nordic Track..they just bought the name.

I love mine. But it seems like a real love it or hate it machine. Some folks just don't have the coordination that you need for it....there's just a certain motion to it that if you can catch onto it is great, but some just can't. Of course I've been referred to as a klutz on several occasions and have no problem with it. Its weird. My aunt who was once a very good gymnast couldn't get the hang of it.

For free...give it a try. Mine cost me over $400....but I had used one in a gym before and knew I loved it. A few tips-

If the tension is too loose you'll fly off...if its too tight you won't be able to do it at all. I've been keeping mine at 3 1/2.
Don't do the arms for your first couple of sessions...get used to the leg motion first.
Don't use the incline feature (if the one your getting has it)'ll slide right off the back!
Once you start with the arms, keep the tension light. Just the motion of your arms will add a kick to the workout without any additional resistance. Add tension as you see fit.

The best thing I ever did was to hunt down a book holder for my Nordic holds a book, water bottle and a walkman (never use that slot) and it makes the workout go by so fast to just read a book! And, hey, if anyone has an extra knob for the bottom (where the thing folds) I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Mine broke. Luckily I can still use it w/o a problem.


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