Anyone been to an Atlanta Braves spring training game???


Sep 29, 2000
We just got our tickets in for a spring game of the Atlanta Braves. This was part of the deal with my husband. He's not a big WDW fan (but he loves me!). Anyway, I was wondering, has anyone been and is there a way to get any autographs of players? My DS is 7 and loves Chipper Jones! Any info would be appreciated!:p :p
Sorry I can't give you any info because we just got Braves tkts. for the first time. We are going to see them play the Dodgers. What I can offer regarding autographs, is that we have gone to spring training games in Tampa (Yankees) and Vero (Dodgers) and all the players seemed more relaxed & more willing to sign autographs. Plus the stadiums(esp. Dodgertown) are not as big, but I don't know if this is true for WWOS.


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