Anybody jump of the Dream?


DIS Veteran
Dec 19, 2016
Posting on here was just an example.
Different 'codes' went off when I worked onboard. Guests would ask what they were, we'd tell them.
A quick google search would often tell you the answer.
I'm sure if you're part of a fb group you'd find out on there too.

The point was it's not hard to decipher what the codes mean if you really want to
I never said it was hard to figure out. I just said most cruisers aren't on these boards. Most people also don't have internet when out to sea.

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  • bbel

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 23, 2014
    And yet it would still be posted within minutes of someone asking what the code meant. :)
    I never said it was hard to figure out. I just said most cruisers aren't on these boards. Most people also don't have internet when out to sea.
    Maybe not at sea, but as soon as they get home.
    You see it often (not just here) 'just got back from my cruise, on the second night at 9.56 and 12 seconds we heard *insert code here*, what does it mean, what happened to who, etc etc'


    DIS Veteran
    Aug 25, 2013
    We were on that cruise and had no idea it happened. Supposedly there was an alert where they said MOB over the PA system, it happened at main seating dinner time so we were in enchanted garden and you wouldn't know it something like that was happening.... we heard about it via the smoking deck chatter and then later was able to confirm it with some of our cruise group passengers.... one of the accounts I read was that he was standing next to a teenager (who later told his parents supposedly) that the guy looked at him and just said "Oh well" and jumped (heard also it was from 7th deck). Because of the calm seas and the Dream not really moving at a fast rate of speed they were lucky enough to get him alive (and quick response of passengers like PP screaming man overboard, glad this happened in day light). It was really interesting to not even know it happened, like no crew references to it or anything.... just found out later from the chatter.... we also witnessed the seizure on the smoking deck and that was scary too but thankfully the guy was ok and we saw him the next day... said his bill was pretty hefty.... more and more examples of why trip insurance is important, glad both situations turned out to be ok for the passengers

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    Nana to Princesses Maya and Orion and Prince Joel.
    Feb 17, 2005
    We were on our verandah on deck 9, heard a crash and then a giant splash. We peered over the rail and saw a man in the water and started screaming man overboard! We raced up to the highest deck aft to try and locate him which we did and started screaming all over again. I was questioned by a crew member about what I heard and saw and was told he fell from deck 7 right below our staterooms. So scary and so glad they saved him.
    I am so sorry that you had experienced seeing this man jump. That is something that you will probably never forget. Not sure how I would be feeling today if I saw this happen.. would probably need therapy!
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