Any US Citizen asked for a debarkation test and received one?


No more Pixie Poop!
May 18, 2001
I'm hoping that by the time we sail next summer that it won't be an issue, but if we are still required to do pre-cruise testing this will be my best option. We have a B2B on the Fantasy and then we hop on the Carnival Mardi Gras for a 7 day. Obviously, it will be difficult to get a test that morning (Carnival does not offer testing at the port), so if I could get one on the Fantasy the day before debarkation, that would be great. I have no issue paying for the test. You would think that if they are offering them at no charge in some circumstances, it will be possible to arrange to pay for a test. Has anyone had the need for a debarkation test outside of the DCL parameters and received one?

Southern Pirate

Feb 12, 2018
I think I read where Disney had arranged for rapid tests to be available at different locations for because of a need for pre port arrival negative test as well as a port arrival test



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