Any tips for our first trip/any luck getting a roon the night before reservations start


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Jan 14, 2000
Ok folks I better get into high gear planning our trip for 4/1-4/5.
What is your best tip or tips for IOA/US. We will have at one day in each park, and either a full or 1/2 day to do there also. That depends on if we can leave here on 3/31. Then we will get a room near by and Do the parks 3/31-4/3 and do sea world on 4/4.
If we do leave on 3/31 (depends on how far DS's baseball team gets in the preseason tournamant)
What are the cahnces of getting a room with out a reservation. Hopefully a room near WDW since we will get our tickets at SoG

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Make sure you buy a 2 or 3 day pass so you can park hop. I really liked spending most of the day at US and then switched over to IOA. It's nice to have that flexibilty and if you buy 2 one day passes you can't. For us, the price of the 2 day pass and 3 day wasn't much different so we went for the 3 day. Look at your Entertaiment book for some coupons.

Also, I would go to US first because I liked IOA better and thought that it's nice to always go to a better place the next day.

Have fun!



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