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Feb 25, 2001
Hello :)
Everyone is always talking about the HRH...I was just curious if anyone has feedback on PBH? Has anyone stayed there recently? I always see Hard Rock here...but not too many posts about poor old PBH :)
Thanks in advance for feedback :)
I've stayed at both PBH and HRH. PBH is very nice and the beds are very comfy. I would be hard-pressed to decide on which one to stay at. I generally decide on which hotel has the better deal.


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I just recently stayed at PBH and LOVED it! It was so pretty there. I loved the room, very luxerious. I am still trying to goet a room at the HRH in June, but just in case I can't get one I have a room reserved already at PBH. I was only there for 1 night and wished I could have taken advantage of more of the amenities.


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Of the two on-site hotels, PBH is the more luxurious and the more expensive. When it first opened, they made much of the fact that they were aiming to be Orlando's first five-star hotel. (Not even Disney has a five-star). They didn't get it first time out (from the AAA & Mobiol guides) and I haven't heard much talk about it recently.

Still, the fact they made the effort gives some idea of the level of service and amenities you can expect.

The food is great, too. The Delfino Riviera is one of the best (and almost certainly the moswt romantic) restaurants in Orlando.

Three pools, two of which are very special.

The only downside to PBH I can think of is that the layout is so sprawling that it can be quite a hike from room to restaurant or lobby and back.

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Are the regular Garden View rooms
quite a distance from the boat launch
and main swimming pool?
Depends entirely on which Garden View Rooms you get ... some are very close to the launch, some are very far ... just ask to be close to the launch when you check in ...
Crazy question....
What "exactly" IS the view for the Garden View Rooms, lol. Is there a nicer view from the Garden Rooms that are closer to the launch?
And also...thanks a lot for the repsonses! I really want this vacation to be fun AND romantic for me and my husband :)
Thanks again :)
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