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Aug 12, 2000
I am trying to deceide, after finding out that we are a tighter budget than I thought, wether to keep our reservation at the Royal Pacific for the last 3 days of our vacation in Sept.

What rides can i use FOTL on(?? MIB??). What are the exceptions? Is it really worth the extra money?
Yes I would like to know this answer too. We are going last week april or first week may on a week day.

In IOA: No Express on Pteranodon Flyers

In USF: No Express on Woody's Nuthouse Coaster (I don't think)

Everything else is good. Not the gospel tho, I've been wrong 2-3 times this lifetime.
Definitely keep your on-site reservations! Express is the greatest perk, yes, but there's so much packed into these on-site vacations. You'd regret NOT doing it at least once.
You get such a variety of things to do & see, and they're all literally within a stones' throw of each other.

Universal Express for onsite guests is worth every penny, especially in peak season. What part of September are you going? September is only bad during Labor Day weekend.

You can use your key on MIB and mostly every ride nad attraction in the parks. Unless there are any future constraints, it's a perk that's hard to beat.
Let's put it this way...
Say you decided to ride The Hulk, Spiderman, Jurassic Park River Ride, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon and see the Posidon Show on a given day. Even when the parks are not crowded these can easily go to a 30 minute or more wait time, so let's say it's not a slow day but not crowded like Labor day or Spring break week and call it a 45 minute wait for each.
So 6 attractions @ 45 minutes would be 270 minutes or 4½ hours of waiting.
Now toss the onsite room key into the equation and your wait times for the 6 rides are probably a maximum of 15 minutes per ride.... 6 rides @15 minutes per...
So now the question is not is the ROOM worth it, but what is YOUR time worth?
There is of course the alternative compromise of using the express ticket machines- but there you have to have the luck of the draw to find the machines open and functioning properly, coordinating the times given to you with the rides and areas of the park you want to be in, and the limit of one express ticket per hour while you could have ridden MIB or Hulk or whatever maybe 4 or 5 times in that same hour with the room key...
Keep the on site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If really need to save money & don't mind some hassle- keep the onsite for 2 nights- this still gives you 3 DAYS of keyholder priveledges- just check out early on your last day and do a quick move to a cheaper offsite hotel for your last night before going home. You are still allowed to keep & your key at the park for express access, just not for charging purchases to the room or package delivery.
Originally posted by singitalto
I liked suzysezso's idea. I think I will do that!!
Okay, but hang on a minute I need to revise my advice a bit...
what I did not consider is that while it is true you keep the key and it's priveledges for the entire day you check out, what I had not considered is that you probably will not be allowed to check IN to another hotel before the afternoon hours, so here is the change:
Go ahead and check out as planned, but now you need to make the choice of packing up your car and checking into the next hotel at the later time, or asking the bell desk at HardRock to keep your things locked up until you are ready get them and make the move over. I have done this when I check out and play at the park all day before my drive home. I feel keeping my stuff in their safekeeping is more secure than leaving a packed up car in the public parking lot. They don't charge for this, other than the obligatory tip, and I think it's the best choice unless the other hotel you arrange for will allow you to check in early in the day as per my original plan.
Also keep in mind that the early check out/late check in thing will also apply when you are coming into the Hard Rock with the exception that the HR will indeed allow you to bring your luggage, register and get that magic key first thing in the morning, (maximizing the "magic key" benefits) the only thing you can not do is actually get into a room that early. But as I said before they will keep your belongings in a secure area until your room is ready.
Just don't want you to run into a snag and come hunting for me!
Great minds think alike!!!!

Actually, I posted a question before about the hotel holding luggage. (I know Disney hotels do it- Didn't know about Universal).
We will be vacationing in Sept when the parks close early at 6pm, so I figured , we would check out , let the hotel hold the luggage and come back at 6:30 and then check into a 3 *priceline hotel for about $30 a night for our last night!

It sounds good too me!!!


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