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Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by Butch50, May 3, 2008.

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    Jul 15, 2004
    Let me say first how sorry I am to all of you who knew Bob. I've only been listening to the podcast for a couple of months, but I know I'll miss hearing Bob on there.

    I may be the only person who has this issue, but it's something Pete, Corey or whoever might consider doing...

    The only time I get to listen to the Podcast is at work. I'll generally listen at lunch and for a bit afterwards while I get a few things done around the office.

    However, while I'm at work, I'm blocked from seeing any of the DIS message boards. I can view the front page of the site, and can download the podcast, but I can't visit this or any other DIS board. Because of this, I've been visiting the front page of the site for the last few days and wondering why there wasn't a new podcast. The only podcast related stuff on the home page is the info about last week's shows.

    I'm at home this morning, so I decided to visit here (it's my first time on the podcast board) only to find out the bad news about Bob. I feel terrible that I've been in the dark on Bob's passing, but without some mention of it on the home page, I had no way of knowing.

    You guys might consider putting up a note about Bob in the podcast's regular spot on the homepage. I work on an Army base (that explains the message board being blocked), and there might be other folks in my position who don't yet know about Bob.

    Again, God Bless Bob's family, the podcast team and all those Bob "touched" over the Internet.

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