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    Aug 28, 2000
    Thursday, another day at sea. I have no idea of the date, I am proud of myself for figuring out it is Thursday! Stanley Cup? Who cares... Any news? Who cares...

    We had a 7:45 wake up call from Mickey, I put the phone up to my 7ds's ear, and he said "That is really annoying!" We had 8:15 character breakfast. The kids really enjoyed it. The discussion turned to why the characters never talk. 10ds figured it was because the people inside would all have different voices... then he said "Hi, I'm Drunken Bob, and I'll be your chipmunk for the day!" I spit my oj out on that one...

    Highlight of the day was brunch at Palo's. Cannot say enough about this, next time I go back I will do brunch twice if possible. Excellent, outstanding, amazing, wonderful...Shrimp, crab legs and claws, all types of different sauces, cheeses, meats, salads, antipasto, all types of breads, sweet rolls, 6 different entrees to chose from, pizzas and a dessert table. Oh my! And don't forget the champagne, have as many glasses as you want... Someone has snuck into our stateroom closet and shrunk all my clothes!

    Rest of day typical day at sea... reading, lazing, watching, walking...

    Dinner was Captain's Dinner. People were less dressed up than Sunday, but still most men had on at least sport coats. Lobster was good, lava cake exceptional! Again dinner greatly enhanced by wonderful serving team.

    I am sad that the cruise is nearing an end, but excited about Castaway Cay.

    (*Aside, every cruise we go on we always encounter "B" stars, or ones past their prime. A few years ago on an RCL cruise it was Flip Wilson and his girlfriend (daughter?). On the Magic it was the Landry (Sp?) sisters, remember them from bad 80's sitcoms, Love Boat, etc? They look the same only tighter!)

    even more to come....

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