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  1. Maleficent2

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    Sep 15, 1999
    someone named "a whisper" posted this on and I thought you guys would like to know

    all the items...


    "ever. These are all the items. Either already released or not and their corosponding item number... enjoy:

    item.3015=20,000 Leagues
    item.44070=50th T-Shirt
    item.44071=50th T-Shirt
    item.44072=50th T-Shirt
    item.44073=50th T-Shirt
    item.44074=50th T-Shirt
    item.44075=50th T-Shirt
    item.44076=50th T-Shirt
    item.44077=50th T-Shirt
    item.44078=50th T-Shirt
    item.44079=50th T-Shirt
    item.1=Ace Of Spades Carpet
    item.2015=Adventureland (4/9)
    item.188=Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Color Blue
    item.189=Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Color Green
    item.2=Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Color Purple
    item.190=Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Color Yellow
    item.2037=Alice in Wonderland
    item.20=Aquarium Water Cooler
    item.182=Ariel's Treasure Chest Color Cyan
    item.181=Ariel's Treasure Chest Color Pink
    item.183=Ariel's Treasure Chest Color Red
    item.37=Ariel's Treasure Chest Color Yellow
    item.4=Asteroid Chair
    item.29=Astro Orbiter Lamp
    item.34109=Babydoll Dress
    item.34110=Babydoll Dress
    item.34111=Babydoll Dress
    item.34112=Babydoll Dress
    item.34113=Babydoll Dress
    item.34114=Babydoll Dress
    item.34115=Babydoll Dress
    item.34116=Babydoll Dress
    item.34117=Babydoll Dress
    item.34118=Babydoll Dress
    item.197=Bamboo Floor Color Beige
    item.196=Bamboo Floor Color Blue
    item.195=Bamboo Floor Color Green
    item.54=Bamboo Floor Color Red
    item.199=Bamboo Wall Divider Color Blue
    item.198=Bamboo Wall Divider Color Green
    item.55=Bamboo Wall Divider Color Red
    item.200=Bamboo Wall Divider Color Yellow
    item.138=Barrel Seat Color Blue
    item.6=Barrel Seat Color Brown
    item.137=Barrel Seat Color Green
    item.136=Barrel Seat Color Red
    item.41011=Baseball Cap Reversed
    item.41010=Baseball Cap
    item.2047=Best Game Award
    item.2010=Best Guest Room Award
    item.2048=Best Music Mix Award
    item.18=Big Thunder Ranch Shower
    item.2007=Bronze Mickey
    item.9=Bubbling Cauldron
    item.2030=Buried in Treasure
    item.3006=Buried Treasure Map
    item.150=Cactus Armchair Sea Green
    item.10=Cactus Armchair Color Green
    item.11=Cactus Lamp
    item.46002=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46003=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46004=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46005=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46006=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46007=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46008=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46009=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46010=Camouflage Shorts
    item.46011=Camouflage Shorts
    item.69=Camp Fire
    item.70=Camp Fire Frying Pan
    item.36020=Capri Pants
    item.36021=Capri Pants
    item.36022=Capri Pants
    item.36023=Capri Pants
    item.36024=Capri Pants
    item.36025=Capri Pants
    item.36026=Capri Pants
    item.36027=Capri Pants
    item.36028=Capri Pants
    item.36029=Capri Pants
    item.2022=Captain Blackheart
    item.102=Captain Nemo's Chair Color Blue
    item.105=Captain Nemo's Chair Color Cyan
    item.106=Captain Nemo's Chair Color Gray
    item.103=Captain Nemo's Chair Color Green
    item.13=Captain Nemo's Chair Color Pink
    item.101=Captain Nemo's Chair Color Red
    item.104=Captain Nemo's Chair Color Yellow
    item.26020=Cargo Shorts
    item.26021=Cargo Shorts
    item.26022=Cargo Shorts
    item.26023=Cargo Shorts
    item.26024=Cargo Shorts
    item.26025=Cargo Shorts
    item.26026=Cargo Shorts
    item.26027=Cargo Shorts
    item.26028=Cargo Shorts
    item.26029=Cargo Shorts
    item.48011=Casual Sneakers
    item.96=Coffee Table Crate Color Brown
    item.25=Coffee Table Crate Color Gray
    item.95=Coffee Table Crate Color Green
    item.97=Coffee Table Crate Color Red
    item.16=Coffin Couch
    item.17=Coffin Teleporter
    item.3018=Cow Skull Souvenir
    item.41006=Cowboy Hat
    item.44229=Cowboy Shirt Black
    item.44227=Cowboy Shirt Brown
    item.44228=Cowboy Shirt Grey
    item.44226=Cowboy Shirt Red
    item.44225=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Black
    item.44223=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Brown
    item.44224=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Grey
    item.44222=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Red
    item.5=Crater Couch
    item.3025=Critter Country Hunting Trophy
    item.3004=Crocodile Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.2031=Cursed Storm
    item.44120=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44121=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44122=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44123=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44124=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44125=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44126=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44127=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44128=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44129=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44170=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44171=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44172=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44173=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44174=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44175=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44176=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44177=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44178=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44179=D DISNEYLAND® Long Sleeve
    item.44020=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44021=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44022=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44023=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44024=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44025=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44026=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44027=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44028=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.44029=D DISNEYLAND® T-Shirt
    item.24120=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24121=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24122=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24123=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24124=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24125=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24126=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24127=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24128=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24129=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24170=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24171=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24172=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24173=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24174=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24175=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24176=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24177=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24178=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.24179=D DISNEYLAND® Tank
    item.2027=Dancing Inferno magic
    item.12=Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Color Beige
    item.152=Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Color Green
    item.153=Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Color Purple
    item.151=Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Color Red
    item.41008=Deep Sea Diver Helmet
    item.48013=Deep Sea Diving Boots
    item.44231=Deep Sea Diving Jacket
    item.46023=Deep Sea Diving Trousers
    item.2043=Disney's Animal Kingdom
    item.2046=Disney's California Adventure
    item.3027=Disney's California Adventure Poster
    item.2042=Disney-MGM Studio
    item.2016=Disneyland (5/9)
    item.123=Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Blue
    item.39=Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Green
    item.121=Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Purple
    item.122=Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Red
    item.126=Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Blue
    item.41=Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Green
    item.124=Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Purple
    item.125=Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Red
    item.129=Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Color Blue
    item.40=Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Color Green
    item.127=Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Color Purple
    item.128=Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Color Red
    item.81=Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider
    item.93=Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider GOLD EDITION
    item.114=Donald's Rocking Chair Blue
    item.115=Donald's Rocking Chair Green
    item.113=Donald's Rocking Chair Purple
    item.45=Donald's Rocking Chair Red
    item.4001=Maleficent the Dragon
    item.44150=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44151=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44152=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44153=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44154=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44155=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44156=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44157=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44158=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44159=Emoticon Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44050=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44051=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44052=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44053=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44054=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44055=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44056=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44057=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44058=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44059=Emoticon Mickey T-Shirt
    item.24150=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24151=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24152=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24153=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24154=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24155=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24156=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24157=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24158=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.24159=Emoticon Mickey Tank
    item.2023=Esmeralda the Fortuneteller
    item.4005=Esmeralda the Fortuneteller
    item.33=Evil Queen's Candle Holder
    item.84=Expedition Supplies
    item.48017=Explorer's Boots
    item.19=Explorer's Carpet
    item.44236=Explorer's Jacket Green
    item.44237=Explorer's Jacket Khaki
    item.44239=Explorer's Jacket With Camera Green
    item.44240=Explorer's Jacket With Camera Khaki
    item.44238=Explorer's Jacket With Camera Yellow
    item.44235=Explorer's Jacket Yellow
    item.83=Explorer's Lantern
    item.46028=Explorer's Shorts Green
    item.46029=Explorer's Shorts Khaki
    item.46027=Explorer's Shorts Yellow
    item.49=Explorer's Suitcase Sofa
    item.2013=Fantasyland Castle (2/9)
    item.2004=Firework Level 1 Bronze Sparkler
    item.2005=Firework Level 2 Silver Rocket
    item.2006=Firework Level 3 Gold Spectacular
    item.2029=Fireworks magic
    item.41000=Fisherman's Cap
    item.38001=Flip Flops
    item.48005=Flip Flops
    item.48006=Flip Flops
    item.48007=Flip Flops
    item.48008=Flip Flops
    item.48009=Flip Flops
    item.48010=Flip Flops
    item.2033=Flying Carpet
    item.3011=Flying Saucer
    item.175=Flying Saucer Chair Color Black
    item.171=Flying Saucer Chair Color Cyan
    item.173=Flying Saucer Chair Color Dark Blue
    item.170=Flying Saucer Chair Color Green
    item.172=Flying Saucer Chair Color Light Blue
    item.21=Flying Saucer Chair Color Magenta
    item.168=Flying Saucer Chair Color Orange
    item.174=Flying Saucer Chair Color Purple
    item.169=Flying Saucer Chair Color Yellow
    item.35=Galleon Room Divider
    item.187=Glass Slipper Seat Color Black
    item.15=Glass Slipper Seat Color Blue
    item.184=Glass Slipper Seat Color Pink
    item.186=Glass Slipper Seat Color Red
    item.185=Glass Slipper Seat Color Yellow
    item.60=Glow in the Dark Tombstone
    item.2009=Gold Oswald
    item.159=Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Color Black
    item.158=Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Color Blue
    item.44=Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Color Red
    item.157=Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Color Yellow
    item.41005=Golden Mickey Ears
    item.41001=Goofy Hat
    item.3001=Gorilla Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.110=Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Color Blue
    item.112=Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Color Green
    item.22=Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Color Magenta
    item.111=Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Color Orange
    item.2045=Happiest Celebration on Earth Pin
    item.3026=Happiest Celebration on Earth Poster
    item.120=Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Black
    item.34=Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Brown
    item.118=Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Green
    item.117=Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Purple
    item.116=Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Red
    item.119=Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Color Yellow
    item.44234=Haunted Mansion Jacket Black
    item.44232=Haunted Mansion Jacket Brown
    item.44233=Haunted Mansion Jacket Grey
    item.48016=Haunted Mansion Shoes Black
    item.48014=Haunted Mansion Shoes Brown
    item.48015=Haunted Mansion Shoes Grey
    item.41009=Haunted Mansion Tophat
    item.46026=Haunted Mansion Trousers Black
    item.46024=Haunted Mansion Trousers Brown
    item.46025=Haunted Mansion Trousers Grey
    item.58=Head Hunter's Island Torch
    item.67=Hearts Playing Card Carpet
    item.41016=Herbie Helmet
    item.73=Hippo Rug
    item.192=Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Color Blue
    item.193=Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Color Green
    item.23=Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Color Pink
    item.191=Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Color Purple
    item.194=Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Color Yellow
    item.64=Water Trough
    item.253=Inverting Queue Block
    item.2028=Invisibility magic
    item.255=Invisible Coin Checker Queue Block
    item.254=Invisible Coin Vending Furniture
    item.88=Invisible Potion Vending Furniture
    item.66=Invisible Public Room Seat
    item.86=Invisible Public Room Seat Height 20
    item.87=Invisible Public Room Seat Height 30
    item.68=Invisible Public Room Teleport
    item.256=Invisible Quick Queue Block
    item.257=Invisible Splashing Jump QueueBlock
    item.2020=it's a small world (9/9)
    item.34060=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34061=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34062=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34063=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34064=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34065=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34066=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34067=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34068=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.34069=Jacket with T-Shirt
    item.3009=Jolly Roger Flag
    item.3017=Jolly Roger Fridge Magnet
    item.44200=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44201=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44202=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44203=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44204=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44205=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44206=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44207=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44208=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44209=Jolly Roger Long Sleeve
    item.44212=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44213=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44214=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44215=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44216=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44217=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44218=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44219=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44220=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.44221=Jolly Roger T-Shirt
    item.24020=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24021=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24022=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24023=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24024=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24025=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24026=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24027=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24028=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.24029=Jolly Roger Tank
    item.252=Jump Queue Block
    item.2053=Jungle Cruise Golden Giraffe Pin
    item.2051=Jungle Cruise Laughing Hyena Pin
    item.2050=Jungle Cruise Lounging Lion Pin
    item.2052=Jungle Cruise Talking Toucan Pin
    item.7=Jungle Cruise Teleporter
    item.2054=Jungle Cruise Zebra Stripes Pin
    item.3010=Jungle River
    item.57=Karo Tiki Chair
    item.3016=Lady and the Tramp Bumper Sticker
    item.28000=Leisure Canvas Slip-On
    item.28001=Leisure Canvas Slip-On
    item.28002=Leisure Canvas Slip-On
    item.28003=Leisure Canvas Slip-On
    item.28004=Leisure Canvas Slip-On
    item.28005=Leisure Canvas Slip-On
    item.3002=Lion Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.24070=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24071=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24072=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24073=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24074=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24075=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24076=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24077=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24078=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.24079=Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up
    item.44100=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44101=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44102=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44103=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44104=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44105=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44106=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44107=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44108=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44109=Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.75=Madame Leota's Books
    item.74=Madame Leota's Crystal Ball
    item.108=Madame Leota's Table Color Blue
    item.109=Madame Leota's Table Color Green
    item.107=Madame Leota's Table Color Purple
    item.51=Madame Leota's Table Color Red
    item.251=Magic Preshow Queue Block
    item.3019=Make Your Own Shooting Gallery Target
    item.48=Maleficent Stone Throne
    item.3024=Maleficent's Wall Lamp
    item.2024=Malificent the Dragon
    item.72=Master Gracie's Grandfather Clock
    item.44180=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44181=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44182=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44183=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44184=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44185=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44186=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44187=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44188=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44189=Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.48001=Mickey Shoes
    item.44080=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44081=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44082=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44083=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44084=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44085=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44086=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44087=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44088=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44089=Mickey T-Shirt
    item.24000=Mickey Tank top
    item.24001=Mickey Tank top
    item.24002=Mickey Tank top
    item.24003=Mickey Tank top
    item.24004=Mickey Tank top
    item.24005=Mickey Tank top
    item.24006=Mickey Tank top
    item.24007=Mickey Tank top
    item.24008=Mickey Tank top
    item.24009=Mickey Tank top
    item.36030=Mini Skirt
    item.36031=Mini Skirt
    item.36032=Mini Skirt
    item.36033=Mini Skirt
    item.36034=Mini Skirt
    item.36035=Mini Skirt
    item.36036=Mini Skirt
    item.36037=Mini Skirt
    item.36038=Mini Skirt
    item.36039=Mini Skirt
    item.44190=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44191=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44192=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44193=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44194=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44195=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44196=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44197=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44198=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.44199=Minnie Long Sleeve
    item.34100=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34101=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34102=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34103=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34104=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34105=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34106=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34107=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.34108=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44090=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44091=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44092=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44093=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44094=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44095=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44096=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44097=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44098=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.44099=Minnie T-Shirt
    item.24010=Minnie Tank top
    item.24011=Minnie Tank top
    item.24012=Minnie Tank top
    item.24013=Minnie Tank top
    item.24014=Minnie Tank top
    item.24015=Minnie Tank top
    item.24016=Minnie Tank top
    item.24017=Minnie Tank top
    item.24018=Minnie Tank top
    item.24019=Minnie Tank top
    item.34020=Minnie Tank top
    item.34021=Minnie Tank top
    item.34022=Minnie Tank top
    item.34023=Minnie Tank top
    item.34024=Minnie Tank top
    item.34025=Minnie Tank top
    item.34026=Minnie Tank top
    item.34027=Minnie Tank top
    item.34028=Minnie Tank top
    item.34029=Minnie Tank top
    item.41002=Mission Space Helmet
    item.46000=Mission Space Pants
    item.48002=Mission Space Shoes
    item.44210=Mission Space Vest
    item.78=Music Mixer End Queue Block
    item.77=Music Mixer Start Queue Block
    item.41014=Musketeer Hat
    item.48012=Native American boots
    item.41007=Native American Headdress
    item.44230=Native American Vest
    item.2041=Nightmare Before Christmas
    item.46022=Cowboy Pants
    item.30=Parrot Palm Tree
    item.89=Penny Press Color GOLD EDITION
    item.41015=Peter Pan Hat
    item.76=PhilharMagic Chair Color Blue
    item.94=PhilharMagic Chair Color GOLD EDITION
    item.134=PhilharMagic Chair Color Green
    item.135=PhilharMagic Chair Color Pink
    item.133=PhilharMagic Chair Color Red
    item.31=Photo Album
    item.3008=VMK Photo
    item.38011=Pirate Boots
    item.2032=Pirate Costume
    item.34147=Pirate Jacket With Vest
    item.34146=Pirate Jacket
    item.44211=Pirate Jacket
    item.2001=Pirate Level 1 Bronze Doubloon
    item.2002=Pirate Level 2 Silver Piece
    item.2003=Pirate Level 3 Gold Sovereign
    item.47=Pirate Map Table
    item.36050=Pirate Pants
    item.46001=Pirate Pants
    item.149=Pirate Player Piano Color Black
    item.148=Pirate Player Piano Color Green
    item.147=Pirate Player Piano Color Purple
    item.32=Pirate Player Piano Color Red
    item.48003=Pirate Shoes
    item.143=Pirate Throne Color Black
    item.142=Pirate Throne Color Blue
    item.141=Pirate Throne Color Green
    item.140=Pirate Throne Color Purple
    item.26=Pirate Throne Color Red
    item.62=Pirate Treasure Chest Color Brown
    item.146=Pirate Treasure Chest Color Green
    item.145=Pirate Treasure Chest Color Purple
    item.144=Pirate Treasure Chest Color Red
    item.4004=Captain Blackheart
    item.250=Potion Checker Queue Block
    item.8=Prince Phillip's Briarstone
    item.3023=Prince Phillip's Coat Hook
    item.36053=Princess Bodice Blue
    item.36051=Princess Bodice Pink
    item.36052=Princess Bodice Yellow
    item.41013=Princess Hat
    item.34150=Princess Hooped Skirt Blue
    item.34148=Princess Hooped Skirt Pink
    item.34149=Princess Hooped Skirt Yellow
    item.38014=Princess Slippers Blue
    item.38012=Princess Slippers Pink
    item.38013=Princess Slippers Yellow
    item.31001=Princess Tiara
    item.82=Queen of Hearts Stretch Throne
    item.65=Queue Block
    item.132=Random Number Generator Color Blue
    item.92=Random Number Generator Color GOLD EDITION
    item.38=Random Number Generator Color Green
    item.130=Random Number Generator Color Purple
    item.131=Random Number Generator Color Red
    item.3022=Magic Mirror
    item.44160=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44161=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44162=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44163=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44164=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44165=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44166=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44167=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44168=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44169=Retro Mickey Long Sleeve
    item.44060=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44061=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44062=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44063=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44064=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44065=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44066=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44067=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44068=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.44069=Retro Mickey T-Shirt
    item.24160=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24161=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24162=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24163=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24164=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24165=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24166=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24167=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24168=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.24169=Retro Mickey Tank top
    item.90=Retro Turnstile Color GOLD EDITION
    item.3005=Rhino Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.167=Rocketship Couch Color Black
    item.163=Rocketship Couch Color Cyan
    item.165=Rocketship Couch Color Dark Blue
    item.162=Rocketship Couch Color Green
    item.164=Rocketship Couch Color Light Blue
    item.42=Rocketship Couch Color Magenta
    item.160=Rocketship Couch Color Orange
    item.166=Rocketship Couch Color Purple
    item.161=Rocketship Couch Color Yellow
    item.43=Roulette Coffee Table
    item.71=Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter
    item.3020=Safari Lifestyle Collection
    item.41003=Safari Pith Helmet
    item.91=Scoreboard Color GOLD EDITION
    item.24080=Shirt with Camera
    item.24081=Shirt with Camera
    item.24082=Shirt with Camera
    item.24083=Shirt with Camera
    item.24084=Shirt with Camera
    item.24085=Shirt with Camera
    item.24086=Shirt with Camera
    item.24087=Shirt with Camera
    item.24088=Shirt with Camera
    item.24089=Shirt with Camera
    item.24050=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24051=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24052=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24053=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24054=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24055=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24056=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24057=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24058=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.24059=Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.2025=Shrunken Ned
    item.44130=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44131=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44132=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44133=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44134=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44135=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44136=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44137=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44138=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44139=Shrunken Ned Long Sleeve
    item.44030=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44031=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44032=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44033=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44034=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44035=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44036=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44037=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44038=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.44039=Shrunken Ned T-Shirt
    item.24130=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24131=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24132=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24133=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24134=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24135=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24136=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24137=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24138=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.24139=Shrunken Ned Tank
    item.4002=Shrunken Ned
    item.2008=Silver Mortimer
    item.3021=Sitting Duck Vulture
    item.38000=Skate Shoes
    item.36=Skeleton at the Helm
    item.38002=Snow Boots
    item.38003=Snow Boots
    item.38004=Snow Boots
    item.38005=Snow Boots
    item.38006=Snow Boots
    item.38007=Snow Boots
    item.38008=Snow Boots
    item.38009=Snow Boots
    item.38010=Snow Boots
    item.2036=Snow White
    item.46=Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree
    item.34080=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34081=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34082=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34083=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34084=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34085=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34086=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34087=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34088=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34089=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34090=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34091=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34092=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34093=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34094=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34095=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34096=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34097=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34098=Solid T-Shirt
    item.34099=Solid T-Shirt
    item.41012=Sorcerer Mickey Hat
    item.3014=Space Mountain
    item.14=Spades Playing Card Carpet
    item.79=Start Queue Block
    item.3=Stitch's Teleporter
    item.50=Sword in the Stone
    item.34128=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34129=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34130=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34131=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34132=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34133=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34134=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34135=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34136=T-Shirt with Camera
    item.34119=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34120=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34121=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34122=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34123=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34124=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34125=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34126=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.34127=T-Shirt with Pin Lanyard
    item.202=Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Color Cyan
    item.201=Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Color Pink
    item.56=Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Color Red
    item.203=Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Color Yellow
    item.24100=Tank top
    item.24101=Tank top
    item.24102=Tank top
    item.24103=Tank top
    item.24104=Tank top
    item.24105=Tank top
    item.24106=Tank top
    item.24107=Tank top
    item.24108=Tank top
    item.24109=Tank top
    item.34030=Tank top
    item.34031=Tank top
    item.34032=Tank top
    item.34033=Tank top
    item.34034=Tank top
    item.34035=Tank top
    item.34036=Tank top
    item.34037=Tank top
    item.34038=Tank top
    item.34039=Tank top
    item.179=Tea Cup Seat Color Cyan
    item.180=Tea Cup Seat Color Green
    item.176=Tea Cup Seat Color Orange
    item.178=Tea Cup Seat Color Pink
    item.177=Tea Cup Seat Color Red
    item.52=Tea Cup Seat Color Yellow
    item.53=Tea Cup Teleporter
    item.2026=Teleportation magic
    item.2014=The Enchanted Tiki Room (3/9)
    item.2012=The Haunted Mansion (1/9)
    item.2065=The Haunted Mansion Gravedigger Pin
    item.2066=The Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ezra Pin
    item.2068=The Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Pin
    item.2069=The Haunted Mansion Master Gracey Pin
    item.2067=The Haunted Mansion The Bride in the Attic Pin
    item.2018=The Matterhorn (7/9)
    item.2017=The Pirates of the Caribbean (6/9)
    item.2021=The Yeti
    item.59=Tiki Tiki Tiki Fountain
    item.44110=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44111=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44112=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44113=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44114=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44115=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44116=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44117=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44118=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.44119=Tink Long Sleeve Shirt
    item.34000=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34001=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34002=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34003=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34004=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34005=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34006=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34007=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34008=Tink T-Shirt
    item.34009=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44010=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44011=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44012=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44013=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44014=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44015=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44016=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44017=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44018=Tink T-Shirt
    item.44019=Tink T-Shirt
    item.24110=Tink Tank top
    item.24111=Tink Tank top
    item.24112=Tink Tank top
    item.24113=Tink Tank top
    item.24114=Tink Tank top
    item.24115=Tink Tank top
    item.24116=Tink Tank top
    item.24117=Tink Tank top
    item.24118=Tink Tank top
    item.24119=Tink Tank top
    item.24=Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Color Beige
    item.155=Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Color Green
    item.156=Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Color Purple
    item.154=Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Color Red
    item.61=Tombstone Room Divider
    item.2019=Tomorrowland (8/9)
    item.2055=Tomorrowland Flying Saucer Retro Pin (1/5)
    item.2058=Tomorrowland Motor Boat Retro Pin (4/5)
    item.2056=Tomorrowland People Mover Retro Pin (2/5)
    item.2057=Tomorrowland Skyway Retro Pin (3/5)
    item.2059=Tomorrowland Submarine Voyage Retro Pin (5/5)
    item.2011=Top Ten High Score Award
    item.3003=Toucan Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.41004=Traditional Mickey Ears
    item.3007=Treehouse Poster
    item.80=Turning Queue Block
    item.100=Underwater Organ Color Blue
    item.99=Underwater Organ Color Brown
    item.98=Underwater Organ Color Green
    item.28=Underwater Organ Color Pink
    item.2062=VMK Adventureland Quest Pin
    item.2064=VMK Fantasyland Quest Pin
    item.2063=VMK Frontierland Quest Pin
    item.2061=VMK Insider Tour Pin
    item.44140=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44141=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44142=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44143=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44144=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44145=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44146=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44147=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44148=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.44149=VMK Long Sleeve
    item.34137=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34138=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34139=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34140=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34141=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34142=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34143=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34144=VMK T-Shirt
    item.34145=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44040=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44041=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44042=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44043=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44044=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44045=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44046=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44047=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44048=VMK T-Shirt
    item.44049=VMK T-Shirt
    item.24140=VMK Tank
    item.24141=VMK Tank
    item.24142=VMK Tank
    item.24143=VMK Tank
    item.24144=VMK Tank
    item.24145=VMK Tank
    item.24146=VMK Tank
    item.24147=VMK Tank
    item.24148=VMK Tank
    item.24149=VMK Tank
    item.2060=VMK Tomorrowland Quest Pin
    item.2049=VMK VIP Guest
    item.63=Wanted Poster
    item.85=Waving Queue Block
    item.36040=Workout Pants
    item.36041=Workout Pants
    item.36042=Workout Pants
    item.36043=Workout Pants
    item.36044=Workout Pants
    item.36045=Workout Pants
    item.36046=Workout Pants
    item.36047=Workout Pants
    item.36048=Workout Pants
    item.36049=Workout Pants
    item.4003=The Yeti
    item.34040=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34041=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34042=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34043=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34044=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34045=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34046=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34047=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34048=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34049=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34050=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34051=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34052=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34053=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34054=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34055=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34056=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34057=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34058=Zip-up Sweater
    item.34059=Zip-up Sweater"

    I really hope they are wrong and these are not all the item ever!

    but nice to have a list

  2. SpinMarty

    SpinMarty World's #1 Spin and Marty Fan

    Jul 2, 2005
    LOL I was so about to do this! :rotfl:

    EDIT: It is confirmed that this is a legitimate list BUT that not everything is on the list AND that things will be added in the future. (thought you'd like to know that Mal!)
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  4. JeanJoe

    JeanJoe <font color=red>VMK Community Leader!</font color>

    Apr 27, 2005
    I'd have to agree that I think there's nothing stopping them from adding items to the list. After all, we load the Shockwave program each time when we start up the program (which is why poor Mal has the incredibly long load times each time).

    Anyone notice these?
    item.2060=VMK Tomorrowland Quest Pin
    item.2062=VMK Adventureland Quest Pin
    item.2064=VMK Fantasyland Quest Pin
    item.2063=VMK Frontierland Quest Pin
    item.2061=VMK Insider Tour Pin

  5. JoNo

    JoNo <font color=blue>Proud Duct Tape Patroller with th

    Apr 20, 2003
    Wow, there's a LOT fo stuff that we haven't seen yet, I would love to get my hands on the haunted mansion digs! ;)
  6. Astryd

    Astryd <font color=dark pink>Even she thinks she is cute<

    Jun 20, 2005
    I want the princess clothes!
  7. marypops!

    marypops! <font color=orange>Sponsered by Powergen!<br><font

    Dec 3, 2004
    do you expect me to read all that??
  8. JeanJoe

    JeanJoe <font color=red>VMK Community Leader!</font color>

    Apr 27, 2005
    No, you don't have to, of course, but as you can see, a couple of other people found some really interesting things in it. :)
  9. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    that is good to know!

  10. PrinceRaphael

    PrinceRaphael Love will save the day, If you can dream

    Jul 3, 2005
    yes I have seen this I am sure other Items will be added
  11. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    welcome to the DIS.

  12. jazstar87

    jazstar87 <font color=<"red">According to the Tag Fairy's wa

    Jul 8, 2003
    I want the Sorcerer Mickey Hat!!! and one of everything else. :3dglasses
  13. lewdyan1

    lewdyan1 DIS Veteran

    Feb 8, 2005
    What do the item numbers mean. Does it help me knowing them? :confused3
  14. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    they do not matter one way or the other to us players, but "a whisper" posted them and I just copied and pasted her/his post.

  15. Spongeblair

    Spongeblair fierceblair

    Sep 17, 2005
    item.41011=Baseball Cap Reversed
    item.3025=Critter Country Hunting Trophy
    item.3004=Crocodile Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.3027=Disney's California Adventure Poster
    item.33=Evil Queen's Candle Holder
    item.44237=Explorer's Jacket Khaki
    item.44240=Explorer's Jacket With Camera Khaki
    item.46029=Explorer's Shorts Khaki
    item.3001=Gorilla Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.44232=Haunted Mansion Jacket Brown
    item.48014=Haunted Mansion Shoes Brown
    item.46024=Haunted Mansion Trousers Brown
    item.44227=Cowboy Shirt Brown
    item.44223=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Brown
    item.44226=Cowboy Shirt Red
    item.44222=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Red
    item.253=Inverting Queue Block
    item.255=Invisible Coin Checker Queue Block
    item.254=Invisible Coin Vending Furniture
    item.88=Invisible Potion Vending Furniture
    item.66=Invisible Public Room Seat
    item.86=Invisible Public Room Seat Height 20
    item.87=Invisible Public Room Seat Height 30
    item.68=Invisible Public Room Teleport
    item.256=Invisible Quick Queue Block
    item.257=Invisible Splashing Jump QueueBlock
    item.252=Jump Queue Block
    item.2053=Jungle Cruise Golden Giraffe Pin
    item.2051=Jungle Cruise Laughing Hyena Pin
    item.251=Magic Preshow Queue Block...
  16. purplegoddess

    purplegoddess wawaaka in VMK

    Aug 21, 2005
    wow. what a list. thanks mal!
  17. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    item.41011=Baseball Cap Reversed
    item.3025=Critter Country Hunting Trophy
    item.3004=Crocodile Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.3027=Disney's California Adventure Poster
    item.33=Evil Queen's Candle Holder Out
    item.44237=Explorer's Jacket Khaki
    item.44240=Explorer's Jacket With Camera Khaki
    item.46029=Explorer's Shorts Khaki
    item.3001=Gorilla Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    item.44232=Haunted Mansion Jacket Brown
    item.48014=Haunted Mansion Shoes Brown
    item.46024=Haunted Mansion Trousers Brown
    item.44227=Cowboy Shirt Brown
    item.44223=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Brown
    item.44226=Cowboy Shirt Red
    item.44222=Cowboy Shirt With Vest Red
    item.253=Inverting Queue Block
    item.255=Invisible Coin Checker Queue Block
    item.254=Invisible Coin Vending Furniture
    item.88=Invisible Potion Vending Furniture
    item.66=Invisible Public Room Seat
    item.86=Invisible Public Room Seat Height 20
    item.87=Invisible Public Room Seat Height 30
    item.68=Invisible Public Room Teleport
    item.256=Invisible Quick Queue Block
    item.257=Invisible Splashing Jump QueueBlock
    item.252=Jump Queue Block
    item.2053=Jungle Cruise Golden Giraffe Pin
    item.2051=Jungle Cruise Laughing Hyena Pin
    item.251=Magic Preshow Queue Block...

    Some of the above items are out but in different colors now, it is not known whether or not they replaced the above or the above will still be released.

    Time will tell.

  18. marcm

    marcm <font color=green>hi ppl vmk is da best<br><font c

    Sep 12, 2005
    where did u find it mal
  19. teentiger

    teentiger My brother said I ran like a girl. Well he could t

    Oct 28, 2005
    ok mal, I thing i have to know.

    How long did it take u to write all that??

  20. Spongeblair

    Spongeblair fierceblair

    Sep 17, 2005
    where is the evil queen's candle holder ??
  21. Tennisgurl

    Tennisgurl Earning My Ears

    Jul 18, 2006
    i really think you need to close this thread. it's not right to post all these items and spoil the suprises. this list was from their database which is only for the vmk staff. P.S. Mal don't tell the site address it will lead to no good

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