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    Aug 11, 2016
    Hi all! I’m Kellie. I've been a fan of The Dis for a while now, but just found the running forum a few months back. Everyone is so inspiring and supportive! That can be difficult to find on internet forums these days.

    So, here's my training journal. Please feel free to comment, offer advice when I'm stumped, and words of encouragement.

    About me: I’m a 49yo mother of 2 (13 and 10). Married DH in 2003. We’re local to Orlando, so runDisney medals (the bling!) is what got me interested in organized runs.

    While I’ve been somewhat active throughout my life, but had never ran an organized race until my friend, Michelle, and I did the 2015 Princess Half Marathon. I know, right?! Staring with a HM! We were at a charity event, a few drinks in, talking to some girls at our table who had just done 2014 PHM. Them:“It’s easy and fun! You just sign up and go run it!” My friend and I: “We can do that!” LOL!! Never mind that these girls were 20+ years our junior. We didn’t even realize that the registration was a marathon in itself. I signed up a few hours late and ended up in corral O, panicked by the balloon ladies the whole race though I didn’t actually seen them until in Epcot. But I finished! And, we fell in love with the medals!! Haha!

    This year we did the Fair Tale Challenge. We didn’t do much training for this race either, but finished without killing ourselves. I even spent the rest of the day after the HM walking around Disney Springs with family down for a WDW trip. Also, the announcement of the Kessel Run challenge caused me to convince my DH to do that with me last year. I actually trained between the PHM and SW, so I did a bit better on that one.

    My DH and I got more serious about our running this summer. It’s great to have a running buddy. I’ve trained alone in the past, but it’s more motivating for me to have someone to run with. On days when he’s not so into it I’m gung-ho, and vice versa. We just finished our couch to 10k training and are headed to St. Augustine this weekend to run the 10k there. Wish me luck! After that we’re going to start some speed training to get my pace a bit faster. Ha! I’m very slow. My DH keeps reminding me that I’m lapping everyone on the couch.

    1) Keep improving my running and health.
    2) Run a 10k POT for getting out of corral F in Disney half marathon runs.
    3) Run a sub 1hr 10k.
    4) Run all the Vacation Races.
  2. QueenFernando

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    Aug 11, 2016
    Race Schedule:

    Feb Princess Fairy Tale Challenge – Finished!
    Apr Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon – Finished!
    Aug 18 Celebration of Running 5k (Track Shack Fanatic series) – 48:08
    Sep 15 Battle of the Bands 5k (Track Shack Fanatic series) – 47:36
    Oct 28 UCF U can Finish 2mi&5mi Distance Dare (Track Shack Fanatic series) – 27:15/1:20:35
    Nov 11 St. Augustine 10K - 1:31:00 (recap)
    Nov 22 Hot to Trot 10K, Knoxville TN

    Jan 19 Park Ave 5k (Track Shack Fanatic series)
    Feb 9 Run 4 Love 4mi (Track Shack Fanatic series)
    Feb 22 Princess 5k
    Feb 23 Enchanted 10k - Fairy Tale Challenge
    Feb 24 PHM - Fairy Tale Challenge
    Mar 23 Winter Park 10k&2mi distance dare challenge (Track Shack Fanatic series)
    Apr 7 SW Half Marathon
    Apr 27 Run for the Trees 5k
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    May 18, 2015
    Welcome! I totally hear you on the bling--those Disney medals look SO fun! I'm working towards getting my first ones for the Kessel Run challenge next year! Looking forward to following your journal.
  5. Kazrak

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    Aug 23, 2018
    Awesome! That's a lot of runs planned - I'm jealous. I find myself considering adding more 5ks to my schedule, but there aren't any that I really want locally right now.
  6. QueenFernando

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    Aug 11, 2016
    The 5Ks are really helping/forcing me to work on consistent pacing. I'm really bad to go out hot at the beginning then burn out. I get caught up in the excitement with everyone at the stary. In the August 5k I started too fast then overheated. I felt very crappy the rest of the day.
  7. QueenFernando

    QueenFernando Earning My Ears

    Aug 11, 2016
    St. Augustine 10k Race Recap

    It's about 1.5 hr drive for us, so we headed up in time to go to the expo to pick up our bibs and look around. Well, I'm used to the runDisney bubble and was very underwhelmed by the "expo" to say the least. Two tables of socks and stickers. Oh, well. Got our bibs, walked around, and had dinner on St. George st. Bed by 9:30pm!
    We stayed at a B&B within a short walk of the race start, so the morning was easy. Temp was about 67deg, so pretty perfect.

    Wow! I was shocked at how small the race was! 257 finishers in the 10k. I'm used to the runDisney crowds. As well as the Track Shack series races. It was nice not being so crowded. We ended up chatting with a man who had done the W&D challenge this year. He's a St. Augustine local and does the 10k every year. We ended up rubber banding him the whole race until the end when I had to walk a bit more.

    DH and I have been talking about run/walk intervals. He doesn't like short running intervals, so for this race I set my Garmin to run 1mi and walk 1min, repeating 6 times, plus a run interval until I hit lap press just in case I needed more time at the end. We kept this up until mile 5. I needed a bit more walking at that point. I think for our next 10k on Thanksgiving we'll do run .5mi and walk 1min.

    As we approached the finish, I noticed we weren't near the end of the run interval. Thought I had messed up my watch somehow. 1:31:00 finish time. It's a PR for me. Slow, but I'm getting faster!

    After the race we ran into our new buddy, and he mentioned the race being short. And, when I checked the race in Connect, sure enough, 6.03 total. Oh, well. I would have still PR'd at 6.2, so I'm happy. And, kept an avg pace of 15:06 per my Garmin.

    We're definitely going to do this race again next year. Nice baseline to see where I can get between now and then!

    Just keep running!!!

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