AKL Construction tha bad?

Is it bad enough to switch resorts for an upgrate to SSR?

Almost everyone who has visited AKL so far during constructions has not complained.

Why were you offered this because of the construction at your concern, or they called you asking? May I ask what month you're staying? I'm curious if they might do the same with me.

Are they offering you a studio or 1 BR villa?

My opinion: if you still want to stay at AKL, you might should because people are not complaining about the construction unless it gets worst.

I'm booked Oct 18-22 - and haven't been offered a switch. As information keeps dripping in it would be great if recent AKL visitors kept us all posted.


We are booked to stay at the AKL 12/20 to 12/27. Wonder if I will be offered an upgrade?

Still waiting for the OP to let us know when their vacation dates are...so we can know if we're gonna be offered the same upgrade!
We have just returned from 2 weeks at AKL.

We were offered to switch to another resort but chose not to as i wanted to take a chance.

I am so glad i didn't switch - i was overwhelmed by the beauty of AKL. Pulling up to the door and first walking in is an experience i will never forget. I would not have had such a wonderful holiday if we had stayed anywhere else. I really would have regretted changes.

We stayed on Kudu trail and didn't hear any construction noise at all. There was drilling noise in the lobby for about 10 minutes 1 day out of 14. Most of the work is being done on the zebra trail side. The hotel staff are pretty good about trying to accomodate room requests. If you call a few days before leaving and ask for a room that is quiet and away from construction, they try their best to arrange that for you.

I honestly beleive this resort is too good to miss. I could cry at the thought that i was there this time last week but not now!!!!!

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