Airtran business class/baggage fees

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by kifuller4, Jul 28, 2010.

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    Apr 7, 2010
    I was thinking about surprising my family and upgrading us to business class on the way to Disney. So as I was looking into this I saw that my flight would be a $49 per person upgrade (I thought, for some reason it was only $25 so once I found that out that it was $49 this wasn't an option) Anyway, it says that your first and second bag fees are waived... which got me thinking...
    If you have 2 bags... that would be $40 to check them, or you can pay $49 and get your bag fees waived and have more room and comfort in the airplane. Who wouldn't do this? It Airtran really that dumb?
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    I think a lot of people DO do it. I fly AirTran several times a year and always try to get in to business class. I can't tell you the last time there was an open seat in business class. Also, you must be on a shorter flight because the longer flights are more expensive and connecting flights start at $98.

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