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Jan 12, 2019
This will be our first trip to Disney. What I'm wondering is, do you have to make an ADR for every lunch and supper you are at Disney? I have seen a lot of posts where people have done this and I'm wondering if this is worth doing. I was planning on booking ADR's for the special meals like Cinderalla's Royal Table, Be Our Guest, OHana etc. but I wasn't going to for lunches. I'm worried that having and ADR for every meal will not allow for any flexibility and "the clock" will dictate every aspect of our day. I don't want to miss out on those unplanned experiences that we may come across or have anxiety we are going to miss a reservation because we waited for a ride too long etc. At the same time, I don't want to spend an indordinate amount of time having to wait for food because we didn't ADR like everyone else. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts or ideas. Thanks!


Feb 12, 2020
For our family, personally, we would never plan ADRs for every meal. We don't even do every dinner - we'll try to grab ADRs for the real 'must-do' meals, if we can. But to fill in, we sometimes have lunch at one of the EPCOT festivals (not sure it that is something available during your trip), or grab a quick service - or sometimes in the morning, we'll pull up the Disney app and see if a last-minute time might be available if it fits into what we're planning that day. Having too many ADRs is just to rigid for our style - makes you feel like the entire trip is built around (and spent inside) the restaurants.

Good luck!


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