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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Mflaherty, Apr 5, 2013.

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    I just bought dvc at boardwalk villas (250points) Haven't even gone on a trip yet and am considering buying another contract at ssr because of reasonable cost and low maintenance.i heard buying points was addicting but I must be crazy? I feel i would like 100 more points. Can someone tell me how confusing this may become when it comes time to book. should I wait until I get the hang of this whole thing before purchasing more points? I don't need to buy at boardwalk again because I think more times than not I wont be able to book so far in advance. Thanks for you help.
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    1) take a breath. make sure you understand how things work and whether DVC is a good fit for you before you get too carried away.

    2) with different home resorts, remember that you need the right "currency" to book a home resort at 11 months out. so if you own 50 BWV pts and 200 SSR pts, at 11 months out, you can only book BWV with pts from the BWV contract (and the same with booking SSR with SSR pts).

    3) here is a recent discussion of buying 2 UY months and what that means:
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    Let the pixie dust settle and wait until you stay at all of the resorts and give yourself time to learn about the rules, policies, dealing with the member website and MS which can sometimes be a challenge.

    You may find that a different resort is your second favorite and you would do better to buy there. SSR is almost always available so having a home resort advantage at SSR doesn't help much.

    Buying a different UY is a separate membership, double the work. Unless you have a reason to do so, I would keep with the one UY.

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