Add On Question....


Hilton Head DVC Owner
Dec 22, 1999
I have been giving some serious consideration to adding points to my current Hilton Head contract. I would like to add 50 points as a minimum and potentially add 80. My questions are....

1. Do I get the same use year with an add-on?

2. What incentives as in Magical Beginnings are going on at this time in regards to points with Hilton Head?

Thanks for the help....

Jim - my DH and I are in the process of doing something similar! We are considering adding on between 50 and 100 points. I talked with our guide last week and he said the current mb offer for HH is a $10 per point buy back. Which is not as good as the $13 per point buy back we got this past December but pretty good nonetheless.

I was told by our guide that we would keep the same use year (August for us) which would work out great because we'd get our 2001 points which we would sell back and then turn around a few months later and get new points! Anyway, I hope this was helpful.


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